Schools could turn Anglo Saxon in Exeter

Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve of Edwards & Eve Cob Building have just arrived in Uplyme, Devon and with them they bring their exciting earth building workshops to local schools. Their biggest and most exciting workshop involves teaching children to build their own permanent, full scale Anglo Saxon house!

Charlotte Eve who is a trained teacher as well as earth builder explains “our bigger projects where we actually build an Anglo Saxon house with the children take a few weeks to complete. So we can only work with more local schools on these projects. Now we’ve moved to Devon we are looking forward to working with new schools in Devon, Dorset and Somerset. If any head teachers or parents want to learn more about what we do they can call us on 01297 444257 or visit our website

Kate Edwards is an internationally renowned cob builder and teacher and she leads the building projects with the children in schools. She even teachers the children about thatching as she thatches the houses herself too. You may remember Kate as one of the apprentices on the BBC Mastercrafts show, where she learnt to thatch live on TV. Kate and Charlotte have also appeared on TV regularly after building their own home entirely themselves, from cob.

Kate explains “by far our most rewarding work is empowering children to build the Anglo-Saxon houses themselves. The process is fun and exciting and the children are so proud at the end of the project – they create a lasting legacy for their school that will last for generations. The process brings history to life. And children who might normally find it difficult learning in the traditional classroom setting really grow in confidence. Schools see another side to their students they may not have seen before. It’s hands on, empowering, and fun - it’s an experience they never forget.”

Kate and Charlotte have taught at over 100 schools around the UK already. They have won awards for their self-built cob home and they also teach adults around the world how to build their own affordable, modern, cob homes to live in.