hand wearing GripHero glove gripping a grey fuel pump

Drivers urged to protect kids and avoid contracting Covid at the fuel pump with one simple trick

Drivers and parents preparing for the big summer getaway are being urged to wear gloves at the fuel pump to help prevent the spread of more virulent strains of Covid – including BA.4, BA.5 and BA5.1 variants of Omicron - that can be passed on to passengers and children via food.

GripHero, which provides on-the-nozzle gloves, commissioned independent research into forecourt habits at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This showed that one in five adults filled-up without hand-protection and then passed food to children without sanitising. 73% of adults also admitted...

Exeter family saves over £3,500 by ditching private car and switching to car club

Households can save hundreds of pounds every year by switching from a private vehicle to car club membership, new research has revealed.

Mark Richardson, 50, a foodbank manager from Exeter, has told how he and his family saved £3,500 since giving up their private car in 2020.

The new research by Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) comes as the charity launches a new tool which tells people how much money, carbon and calories they could save by using car clubs, bike share schemes, walking and cycling.

CoMoUK has created the Travel Better Tool - which is available...

Thinking About Investing in an Electric Car? Top Questions Answered!

Authored by Val Watson
Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 - 9:52pm

More and more of us are considering making the leap to an electric car next time we’re ready to buy a new vehicle. If you travel a lot and drive where possible, the savings on fuel, especially at the moment, might be enough to convince you that it’s a good idea. With other perks, like being more environmentally friendly , quieter, and other financial incentives, it can seem like the clear choice to make.

But many of us still have a lot of questions about electric cars. They are still a fairly new option for those of us on a limited budget, and there’s quite a lot of uncertainty...

DeGould Launches App to Digitise Vehicle Inspections in the Supply Chain

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Tue, 07/05/2022 - 9:58pm

DeGould , the automated vehicle inspection expert, today announces the launch of its DVM App, allowing the whole vehicle supply chain to record damage digitally from anywhere in the world.

The DeGould DVM App will allow dealerships and vehicle carriers to conduct accurate, transparent, and consistent digital vehicle inspections . The guided inspection enables the receiving party to accept the condition of the vehicle, or raise an exception. Once an exception has been captured and raised within the app, it is instantly available for the OEM or claims handler to view in the DeGould...

A Brief History of the Numberplate

Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Sun, 06/19/2022 - 10:52pm

In 2022 cars have become more than vessels getting us from A to B. We see personalisation, technology, engineering and more all develop in tandem with automobiles. Having a car of your own that truly reflects the driver is a goal many people have, and its often registration plate customisation that is used as an unobtrusive, legal way of adding flair to your car. Understanding which plates are legal actually requires a bit of a history lesson, so buckle up for some information on just what plates you can access in 2022, and why.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

1903 had...

Car Diagnostic Tools Every Petrol Head Should Invest In

Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Fri, 05/13/2022 - 3:56pm

As a petrol head, you may think that you know everything there is to know about the make and model of your current vehicle. While this may be true when it comes to mileage and engine size, you may begin to struggle when it comes to maintenance or car repairs.

Becoming adept at car repairs is something that takes years of hard work; however, you may be able to teach yourself the basics. Every car repair enthusiast has to start somewhere, though, with the right set of diagnostic tools. There are plenty of options out there, so let’s look at the diagnostic gear that you should be...

Drivers advised to plan journeys ahead of A303 closure for bridge lift

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Wed, 05/11/2022 - 1:37am

The A303 will be fully closed between the Hazlegrove and Podimore roundabouts in Somerset this weekend (13-16 May) as a new temporary bridge is lifted into place at Steart Hill.

A 200-tonne crane will be used to lift a new bridge into place as part of work to ensure construction traffic remains off the main road and has minimal impact for road users and residents.

The temporary bridge will be used to transport earth from one side of the site to the other, without disrupting motorists on the A303 itself.

The weather-dependent installation will involve the crane...

Devon-based electric vehicle charging company aims to raise £400,000 to fund one hundred charging points

Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Wed, 05/11/2022 - 1:32am

Wenea South West are aiming to raise £400,000 through a 10-year investment bond offer on ethical investment platform, Ethex.

The funds are intended to help them deploy at least 100 rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers across 44 locations in Devon. This roll out of public chargers will enable more people across Devon to make the switch to electric vehicles, vastly improving air quality and cutting traffic carbon emissions.

Wenea are also working with electric car sharing service, Co-Cars, enabling people for whom the cost of an EV is prohibitive to rent them by the hour....

What are the different Auto Insurance Laws in the US?

Authored by David Banks
Posted: Mon, 05/09/2022 - 5:30pm

Roads could be an unruly, dangerous, and downright unusable territory if not for the complicated traffic management and laws that pervades every vehicle and driver in the country. With over 6 million passenger vehicle accidents in the US just in 2019, it is not difficult to understand why there are countless traffic laws. An important component of these laws is the auto insurance laws which are meant to direct what types of auto insurance people should get. Let’s try to untangle and understand the different auto insurance laws in the US in a simple way.

Understanding Auto...

What is a leisure battery?

Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Tue, 04/26/2022 - 7:14am

Leisure Batteries

With an increase in the popularity of ‘staycations’ during the pandemic and a large population considering purchasing or renting a motorhome or campervan, to appeal to the masses, modern caravans and motorhomes come with many amenities to make life on the road comfortable for travelers. Amenities such as a kettle, microwave, lighting, TVs, and other electronics can’t be run on the vehicle battery as each battery is built for a different purpose. A vehicle battery is designed to provide a large amount of energy to start the engine and then gets recharged by the...

Carparison create new dedicated service for van leases with the launch of Vanparison Leasing

Carparison Leasing are delighted to announce its expansion with the launch of Vanparison Leasing , a dedicated and comprehensive van leasing service that will take the leg work out of your next van search.

Powered by the same award-winning team that saw Carparison named the Best Leasing Broker in 2021, Vanparison Leasing will be working with funders and dealerships nationwide to provide the same outstanding value and support to their customers.

Having experienced the growing demand for an online van leasing service that covers everything under one roof, the Exeter-based...

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