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6 Handy Additions Gun Enthusiasts Should Consider

Whether you use your gun for sports or protection, upgrading it from time to time is not a bad idea. Actually, it will improve the performance as well as the overall functions of the firearm. It’s important to consider the available options, and there are many of them these days, and to see what you feel like you need most.

Here is the list of 6 additions that will make your handling of a gun much efficient and boost your overall experience.

Adding a Compensator

The compensator is a highly useful addition to your gun as it helps the user shoot flatter. How does it work?...

Mike Page

Mike Page



Can we rely on a vaccine to solve Coronavirus?

Authored by Fred Butler
Posted: Mon, 09/28/2020 - 4:37pm

Many, including me, are frustrated by the restrictions of lifestyle created by the world’s latest pandemic. We are all looking forward to a return to normality; to forget the economy crippling, life destroying disease that has been ravaging our country. But can we rely on a vaccine to solve all our problems?

The first human cases of COVID-19 were first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan City, China. Since then it has been declared as the first pandemic since a novel influenza virus (Swine flu) emerged in 2009, and it has killed 983,000 people making it the deadliest pandemic since...

Israel Figa explains why Trump is good for America

Authored by David Humphrey
Posted: Sun, 08/23/2020 - 8:33pm

With the presidential elections in November looming ahead, President Trump’s term in the office is nearly over. This makes it a good time to analyze the actual performance of the U.S. economy vs. the statements he made on how it would perform. According to the estimates released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2019 was approximately 2.1%. This was the same as the previous quarter. As far as the GDP growth for the full-year is concerned, it actually declined when compared to 2018, from 2.9% to 2.3%.

This shows that the tax cuts that...

GripHero protect millions against Covid-19 at the fuel pump and reduces environmental impact in the process

Authored by janeabsolutepr
Posted: Fri, 06/12/2020 - 10:18am

Devon-based GripHero Ltd, the developer of the world’s only ‘on-the-nozzle’ fuel pump hand-protection, has released figures which show that during the coronavirus pandemic, over 60 million drivers have been protected from contracting Covid-19 at the fuel pump, thanks to GripHero’s availability at thousands of forecourts globally.

Wearing hand-protection at the fuel-pump prevents the potential for the contraction of Covid-19 from drivers that cough or sneeze on their hands whilst driving, passing on traces of infected mucus via the fuel pump handle to other drivers.


First North American forecourts roll-out GripHero’s hand-protection solution

Authored by janeabsolutepr
Posted: Fri, 05/15/2020 - 4:04pm

GripHero, the maker of the world’s only fuel-nozzle mounted hand-protection dispenser, has announced its first network roll-out in the U.S with North America’s convenience store and fuel chain Thorntons. Installed to enhance customer safety by minimising the potential transfer of germs, biohazards, chemical or biological contamination, GripHero enables Thornton’s forecourts to remain open 24/7 to serve customers safely during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons operates over 200 convenience stores across six states including Kentucky, Illinois,...

School bus drivers in the US abuse alcohol and drugs

Authored by David Humphrey
Posted: Thu, 04/30/2020 - 6:49am

In November 2018, Trista Freeman realized that something was wrong as soon as she went into a school bus. When she came closer to the driver, he smelled of alcohol, as the girl said. The bus began to wag in lanes from the very beginning and pass at the red traffic light. Trista was in a panic when a bus nearly hit a car. There were 26 other high school students on the bus.

"Everyone on the bus was freaked out, yelling for him to stop. I got really scared," recalls 16-year-old Trista.

Trista, her older brother Cody, and other children on the bus began frantically typing...

A girl draws a planet of the world with colored chalk on the asphalt. Children’s drawings, paintings and concepts. Education and art, be creative when you return to school. earth, Peace day. jpg  PICTURE: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How can I stop my child feeling so scared about the future of our planet?

Authored by Marc Astley
Posted: Sun, 03/29/2020 - 7:44pm

My seven-year-old child is really scared about climate change and what’s going to happen to our planet. What’s the best way to talk to her about it, and help her feel less anxious?

Scientist and environmentalist Matthew Shribman says: “It’s understandable that your daughter is worried, but she’s not alone. A recent report by McCain entitled Nation’s Conversations found children were reporting feelings of anxiety, sadness and fear at the implications of climate change. I also have students your daughter’s age, and I feel their anxiety – I’m worried too. Here’s what I say to my...

Charity music auction featuring signed memorabilia from famous names to raise vital funds for the Deaf Academy

Authored by McQueenie Mulholland
Posted: Thu, 11/14/2019 - 12:28pm

Devon’s Deaf Academy is holding a charity auction this November, with members of the public able to bid on some unique musical lots in order to raise funds for the Academy’s move to Exmouth next year.

The online auction has been organised by Rachel Goswell, guitarist and vocalist from 90s shoegaze band Slowdive, whose 9-year-old son Jesse attends the Academy.

Items up for auction include signed guitars from Slowdive and Mogwai, along with screen prints, posters, drum heads, set lists and assorted memorabilia from the likes of The Cure, Ash, Editors, The Cult, Cocteau Twins...

Watching over the chubby unicorns of Zimbabwe

Watching over the chubby unicorns of Zimbabwe

Authored by Paigntonzoo
Posted: Fri, 09/20/2019 - 12:35pm

Money spent by guests having a great day out in South Devon is directly helping to protect some of Southern Africa’s most iconic animals.

Wild Planet Trust is the charity that runs Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts in Torquay and Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. It helps fund conservation on the ground in one of the hardest countries in the world to work in - Zimbabwe.

The Matobo Hills area, in South West Zimbabwe, is a unique landscape, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003 and incorporating Zimbabwe’s oldest National Park. The Matobo Hills are known for balancing rock...

What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Weed?

Authored by David Banks
Posted: Fri, 07/12/2019 - 1:46am

The jury is out on whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug. Some studies say yes, and some say no. There are benefits to quitting weed o quitting weed, but the main question about benefits is whether or not that main benefit is due to the avoidance of a major factor in drug use. In other words, does smoking marijuana lead to the use of stronger drugs?

Cannabis, itself, is considered a “soft” drug. Why? It’s nearly impossible to overdose on marijuana, which has been touted as being its most recognizable positive of all. Even with alcohol, you can get what’s called alcohol...

How to Thrive Amid Disruption with Project Planning

Authored by Claire Small
Posted: Wed, 11/07/2018 - 11:26am

Organizations looking for higher levels of efficiency in their project planning and management processes as well as improved quality of deliverables are making the transition to online project planning software platforms. Instead of being hosted on a company server and administered by an in-house IT department, these new toolsets are hosted in the Cloud. This strategy for running your project management software is ideal for anytime, anywhere access, and can immediately cut waste by producing major time savings.

Every project manager knows that waste is the enemy of efficiency....