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Sylvain Peltier and Michael Caines Launch Café Patisserie Glacerie Franchise

From Paris to Exmouth: Sylvain Peltier & Michael Caines Launch Café Patisserie Glacerie Franchise

After working together for over 15 years, Sylvain Peltier and Michael Caines are turning their dream into a reality by bringing together their brand new concept; Café Patisserie Glacerie to Exmouth beach, with doors opening on Tuesday 13th April.

Cafe Patisserie Glacerie sits on the new Sideshore development alongside casual bar and destination eatery, Mickeys Beach Bar and Restaurant, another exciting addition to the Michael Caines Collection launching when UK restrictions ease in May.

This latest venture, champions and celebrates the Art of Coffee, the Art of...

Salcombe Brewery Co makes major investment to back its confidence in the Devon economy

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Thu, 04/08/2021 - 4:04pm

Salcombe Brewery Co. announces that, following a major investment in its brewing and packaging facilities at a new additional site, it is ideally placed to meet the growing market for its award-winning beers. As the hospitality sector prepares to re-open, its investment will support the imminent launch of its first canned products, its first lager and its increasing partnerships with leading South West hospitality venues.

Salcombe Brewery Co. Chairman, John Tiner comments: “While the last year has been incredibly challenging for our industry we have taken the opportunity...

Whispering Angel rose is the most-tagged wine on Instagram

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Sun, 04/04/2021 - 7:08am

Produced by Château D’Esclans and sold in more than 100 countries, UK demand for Whispering Angel has increased 77% in the last five years. The wine has become the go-to rosé of Instagram. Over 51,000 posts include the hashtag #whisperingangel on Instagram — particularly impressive when you consider that #rosewine has around 606,000 posts.

In fact, #whisperingangel on Instagram has more than double the tagged posts of its competitor rosés:

Wine Brand – Hashtag – Tags

Whispering Angel – #whisperingangel - 51.1K Hampton Water - #hamptonwater – 21.1k Wolffer Estate...

New no-nonsense coffee brand, Fireheart Coffee, shakes up the elitist coffee industry  

Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Fri, 04/02/2021 - 3:24pm

Fireheart Coffee Roasters, a new no-nonsense coffee company, is making fresh hand-roasted coffee more accessible with a mind to disrupt the way we think about our daily brews, making quality coffee more affordable and convenient for everyone.

Fireheart Coffee is a collaboration between Paul Tocher, Russell Stinson and Thomas De Garnham, three coffee aficionados. Inspired by food and drink subscription services already on the market, they saw a gap for high quality luxury coffee that is accessible for everyone to enjoy. The way we consume coffee at home has changed dramatically...

Italian Easter traditions to try at home

Italian Easter traditions to try at home

Travelling to Italy may be off the cards until at least mid-May, but you can bring a bit of the Bel Paese home this spring with these Italian Easter traditions. We spoke to Annalisa from Castello di Radda about how the festival is celebrated in Tuscany, where tradition is always interwoven with good food and great wine.

Like most of Italy, Tuscany is predominantly Catholic — and Easter is one of the most important festivals of the year. People across the region come together to celebrate the resurrection with these unique traditions.

The Blessed Easter eggs

Easter and...

5 of the most iconic Cornish foods you need to try

Tons of people flock to Cornwall each and every year because of its picturesque natural beauty, stunning beaches, and great waves. But many of those who have visited it in the past often go back for a very different reason: The food.

Over the years Cornwall has often been referred to as the UK’s food capital – and for good reason. The cuisine in Cornwall is not only unique and diverse, but downright sumptuous.

If you want to sample the best that Cornwall has to offer, there are five iconic types of Cornish food that you definitely need to try out:

  • Cornish
  • ...

How to Create the Ultimate Post-Lockdown Tea Party

Lockdown has meant that we've not been able to enjoy the simple pleasures we previously took for granted, such as afternoon tea with friends and family. But lockdown won't last forever. Hopefully, it won't be too long until we can gather safely together again indoors and what better way to celebrate reuniting with your nearest and dearest than with the ultimate post-lockdown tea party. Creating your own afternoon tea party means you get to choose the budget, your favourite finger food and everything else to make it special.

Here's our guide to creating the ultimate post-lockdown...

Should I buy meat frozen or chilled?

Gorging on meat on weekends on any special days is always a treat. You would get thousands of recipes online or on YouTube to prepare a delicious meal. But what is the core part of that delicious meat recipe? The meat itself. Getting a slice of tender fresh meat is always important to prepare that yummy weekend special meat delicacy. Meat is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals, but it should be limited as it is advised not to consume more than 90gms in a day. You can either get fresh meat or frozen meat. You will also get the chilled variant. There is always a war of words...

Devon residents urged to waste less food

The UK’s first Food Waste Action Week 2021 (1-7 March) is set to highlight the link between food waste and climate change.

And Devon residents can find practical tips and advice on how to reduce food waste and take part in a food waste challenge via Recycle Devon's social media feeds.

Globally, 30 per cent of man-made CO2e greenhouse gases are created from the production and consumption of food.

Yet despite the high levels of energy, land and water required to produce food, a large amount is sadly wasted in the home before it reaches people’s plates. In the UK,...

4 Tips for healthier drink choices

We’ve recently shared some tips to make your diet healthier with some easy food swaps you can try, but did you know that drinks can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to calories? Most of us try to pay attention to snacks and other foods where calories can quickly add up, but not everyone realises that drinks can also add to your daily total. In this short post, we’ll cover some of the swaps you can make if you’re looking for healthier drink alternatives.

Try non-alcoholic beer or wine

If you enjoy a tipple at weekends, your drinks could be contributing to...

Salcombe Gin

Indulge the senses this Easter with Salcombe Gin’s new special edition gin, ‘Easterly'

Authored by Claire Small
Posted: Mon, 02/22/2021 - 11:45am

This April bank holiday, take a trip down memory lane with Salcombe Gin’s ‘Easterly’, a special edition Easter inspired gin, carefully handcrafted to evoke the nostalgic smells and tastes of an Easter egg hunt.

Inspired by the journey of the Salcombe Fruiters making their way across treacherous seas with precious cargo, guided by the Easterly trade winds, ‘Easterly’ is a smooth and indulgent gin with flavours reminiscent of Easter Eggs. With tangy citrus notes on the nose from fresh orange peel, followed by hints of rich vanilla, sweet cherries, and a smooth chocolatey finish...
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