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Attention: Exeter parents looking to fill the school holidays!

With parents starting to think about how to entertain the kids during the school summer break without breaking the bank, Kellogg’s is offering the ideal solution for fun and activity filled days within their local communities – Kellogg’s Football Camps.

In partnership with the EFL, Manchester City, Celtic and Rangers, the camps kick off in July** and run nationwide in 73 locations (within 10 miles of most homes) for 5-15yr olds. Thousands of free spaces for the new camps are now available*!

Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Parents simply purchase a special promo pack...

News Desk

News Desk


Families & Children Judicial Branch: Ensuring Justice and Support for All

Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Fri, 07/05/2024 - 6:18am

The Families & Children Judicial Branch ensures justice and support for families and children through specialized courts and trained professionals. It addresses family disputes, custody, and welfare with care and compassion, creating a nurturing environment.

Adjudication hearings in family court play a crucial role in resolving these matters effectively.

The Role of Specialized Courts in Family Law

Specialized family courts handle divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and related matters with expert judges, ensuring sensitive and informed decisions. By focusing...

Balancing Family Life and Legal Challenges: Advice for South West Families

Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Thu, 06/27/2024 - 6:10pm

Balancing family life with legal challenges can be a daunting task, particularly for families in the South West of England. The complexities of legal issues can add stress to everyday family dynamics. However, with the right guidance and support, you can navigate these challenges successfully.

While you may have legal support from family law solicitors , it's important to explore other forms of support to help you maintain family life at home. Let's delve in...

Understanding Legal Challenges in Family Life

Family life often comes with its own set of legal challenges....

How Fun Stories For Kids Enhance Learning And Development

Authored by Val Watson
Posted: Mon, 05/13/2024 - 10:10pm

Remember that time your child was utterly captivated by a story? Eyes wide, glued to the words or pictures, they were completely immersed in the unfolding adventure. It's moments like these that remind us of the power of storytelling. But what if I told you these captivating tales are more than just entertainment? Fun stories are, in fact, essential tools for nurturing a child's cognitive and emotional development.

The Role of Fun Stories in Cognitive Development

Fun stories aren't just a source of giggles and wonder; they're powerful tools that fuel a child's cognitive...

Exeter is the second most pet-friendly UK city

Authored by Val Watson
Posted: Fri, 04/12/2024 - 6:27am

Norwich has been named the most pet-friendly UK city for a city break according to new research.

Howden Insurance analysed Airbnb and property listings available over a weekend (Friday to Sunday), to discover which UK towns and cities have the highest percentage of properties which allow guests to bring their pets.

The ten most pet-friendly UK towns and cities are outlined below:



Total number of available properties (Airbnb and )

Number of listings where pets are allowed


Princesshay to host free family event

Princesshay has announced its spring inspired free family event this Easter Holidays.

The event, taking place on 4th and 5th April will feature an unforgettable brand-new activation: The Bubble Dome.

Located in Princesshay Square in the heart of Exeter, visitors will be able to step into the Bubble Dome between 11am and 4pm and taste the magic of edible bubbles.

This fun-filled family experience guarantees laughter and quality time with loved ones.

Each family group will have the opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of bubble-filled fun, meet some Easter...

Financial planning adjustments when expecting

Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Wed, 03/13/2024 - 11:18am

Bringing a child into the world is a joyous occasion, but it also comes with significant financial responsibilities. As you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy, it's essential to reassess your financial situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure stability and security for your growing family. This article outlines key steps for adapting your financial planning when expecting a baby.

Assess current financial situation

Before making any changes, take stock of your current financial status. Evaluate your income, expenses, savings, investments, and debts. Understanding your...

Funny Ways to Teach Your Children Basic Cybersecurity Skills

Authored by Val Watson
Posted: Wed, 03/13/2024 - 6:28am

In today’s world, our children have to learn how to navigate the internet safely sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, research shows that 27% of children 7-17 years old have encountered harmful content online.

The good thing is that teaching them about cybersecurity doesn’t have to be dull for them, it can be a blast! Without further ado, let’s explore some creative ways to help your kids stay safe and enjoy all the advantages of the internet without falling for its dangers.

1. Cybersecurity: superhero training time

Cybersecurity can become a thrilling adventure if...

Exeter solicitor urges people to get writing a will off their to-do list

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Fri, 03/08/2024 - 9:39pm

Gemma Shepherd at Michelmores Solicitors in Exeter is encouraging people to consider the risks of not having a will in place following new research revealing nearly half of UK adults aged over 30 who don’t have a will say it’s on their to-do list, with 43% saying it’s been on their to-do list for more than 12 months.

The research from The Association of Lifetime Lawyers shows that almost half (49%) of UK adults don’t have a will in place, meaning their wishes might not be carried out when they die.

The new data reveals 1 in 10 UK adults have started making a will but...

What Your Children Can Do this Summer to Fight Boredom

Authored by Val Watson
Posted: Fri, 03/01/2024 - 11:43pm

As summer approaches, parents are often met with the challenge of keeping their children engaged and away from the monotony of screen time. With the right activities, summer can be a time for children to explore new interests, develop skills, and make lasting memories. This guide offers practical and exciting ideas for what your children can do this summer to combat boredom and embrace the joy of the season.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

One of the best ways to break the cycle of boredom is by encouraging children to step outside and explore the natural world. Whether it’...

Kidzone set to welcome more pre-schoolers at Westbank

The expanding pre-school within Westbank’s centre at Exminster has recently developed its facilities with a view to providing high quality, individually tailored education to more 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds in the area.

The ‘Kidzone’ at Farmhouse Rise in Exminster offers a large, bright room with an amazing view over the Exminster marshes towards Woodbury. The outdoor space has recently been extended to give the children plenty of room to ride bikes and scooters and run around and will have free-flow play inside and out.

An OFSTED registered pre-school, Kidzone encourages 2...

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