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Exeter Chiefs stars join celebrities in supporting local charity with lockdown clear out

COVID 19 has had a devastating impact on charities revenues with mass event cancellations and charity shop closures. In a bid to weather the pandemic, local charity Exeter Leukaemia Fund (Elf)...

Collecting footballing memories for the future

Exeter City Football Club’s Grecian Archive has been gathering ‘memories for the future’ with the help of the University of Exeter.

Researchers at the University of Exeter are asking ‘...

Women, Sport

Exeter Daily team launch new website dedicated to women's sport

A new website dedicated solely to women’s sport was launched today (Tuesday 14 July).

Women's Sport Daily will cover all female professional sport – from football, netball and cricket to...

Steenson agrees contract extension at Chiefs

The cast list of Exeter’s promotion-winning heroes of 2010 may be dwindling, but one of them is at least set to extend his stay with the Chiefs for a while longer.

Long-serving fly-half...

IP Office Ltd renew Exeter City FC

Martin Charlton Business Director at IP Office Ltd Sponsors of Extery City FC

IP Office Ltd in Exeter are proud to renew their sponsorship to Exeter City FC for the new season 2021 and beyond.

Being a local Telephone Business supplier IP Office Ltd have been busy keeping our Doctors Surgeries communicating and connecting health workers to patients over telephone and video links. As the uncertain environment...

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Make a Will Fortnight with FORCE

FORCE Cancer Charity has again teamed up with local law firms to offer a will writing service for two weeks in September.

Make a Will Fortnight runs from September 7-21 when solicitors based in offices across Exeter, East, Mid and South Devon will waive their fees to write a simple will in return for a donation to FORCE.

Suggested donations are £150 for a single will and £200 for a mirrored will.

The donation will be made at the solicitors’ office at the time of your appointment and will go directly to the charity.

Should you need specialist advice, your...

FORCE Cancer Charity

FORCE Cancer Charity



Food & Drink

Paul Berry, Co-owner of Spelt, which is offering ‘lunch for a fiver’ throughout August.

Chefs at award-winning Swan launch ‘lunch for a fiver’ at neighbourhood restaurant

THE OWNERS of a multi-award-winning gastropub in Bampton in Devon have launched lunch for five pounds at their neighbourhood restaurant in the same market town next month (August 2020).


Family Life

What to Do When Family Life Goes Wrong

Although you might want to believe in the fairy tales of familial bliss and wedded happy-ever-afters, this is not always the case. In fact, even the happiest of families may need to confront some...

Health & Beauty

Unleash the power of sad quotes to strengthen your mind and body

Our brain has some supernatural powers that are capable of adapting itself and changing the needs of the body and the mind according to the things it hears and it follows. Also, our heart is 60...

Student Life

Exeter graduates celebrate with online ceremony featuring celebrity alumni 

Graduates at the University of Exeter celebrated finishing their degrees in an online ceremony to mark their achievements - with some wearing home-made mortar boards and gowns.

The COVID...

Social Diary

How to Boost Your Instagram Reach: 12 Simple Tactics You Can Use

What is the important thing to maintain, when you are starting a blog on Instagram? Of course, it would be the reach. It defines the number of unique accounts that have watched your post or story...


Make a Will Fortnight with FORCE

FORCE Cancer Charity has again teamed up with local law firms to offer a will writing service for two weeks in September.

Make a Will Fortnight runs from September 7-21 when solicitors...

Homes & Gardens

National competition opens to find UK’s best beach hut for life

Life’s a Beach Hut: A brand new competition celebrating the UK’s iconic and much-loved coastline Beach Huts has been launched by Ipswich-based insurance specialist firm, Ryan’s...


Exeter needs more space for walking and cycling

Exeter needs more space for walking and cycling, not cars.

We need a Green Recovery from the covid-19 crisis, including massive investment in walking, cycling and public transport...


email mistakes to avoid in 2020

Email Management Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

We all are living in an era where we need to use the fruitful outcomes of technology to maintain the professional as well as personal life flawlessly. Different types of communication modes are...

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Check out our two new Daily sites

Why not check out our two new exciting sister sites – The Lifestyle Daily and Women's Sport Daily.

Both are not only free to use, but you can post your own content too.


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Online casinos vs. traditional casinos

Casinos have been immensely popular for centuries. It is believed that gambling dates back at least as far as Ancient Greece and possible further, and establishments for gambling date back to the...

Holidays & Travel

Blue Islands

Blue Islands frequent flyer programme takes off

Blue Islands’ new frequent flyer programme ‘Blue Skies Club’ has got off to a flying start, with over 1,000 members joining in its first two weeks. Blue Skies Club is a contemporary take on...

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