Refuse workers honoured for rescuing deer

Two refuse and recycling workers who went to the aid of a deer that had become trapped behind a bottle bank have been recognised by a leading animal rights charity.

Jason Blackmore and Neil Baker, who work for Exeter City Council, have been awarded PETA’s prestigious Hero to Animal Award in honour.

The big-hearted duo didn’t hesitate to act after they were alerted to the animal’s misfortune while emptying household rubbish bins in the St Thomas part of the city.

The pair leapt into action and managed to free the deer which had somehow managed to get trapped behind the bottle bank in Cowick Lane.

A picture of the chaps in action became big news after the City Council communicated the story on its news website and social media platforms.

Jennifer White, from PETA, said: "We came across the story on the East Devon News website and wanted to express our gratitude to your wonderful team of workers for rescuing the trapped deer.

“We would also like to award the two gentlemen involved with PETA’s prestigious Hero to Animal Award, in honor of their compassionate action," she added.

City Council Director, David Bartram praised the workers following the rescue, saying: "They were quick to help out and that sums up the attitudes of our refuse and recycling workers who continue to carry out their duties during these difficult times.”

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