Killerton takes centre stage in BBC TV’s Hidden Treasures of the National Trust

Daisy Hall
Authored by Daisy Hall
Posted Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - 10:30am

Airing on Friday 31 May, Killerton will be one of the central stories in Hidden Treasures of the National Trust

Scheduled for 9pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, the programme will reveal new and compelling stories about the work going on behind the scenes of the National Trust to conserve incredible objects and properties and the passionate staff and volunteers who care for them. Each episode explores a different central theme, linking the houses, their histories, and collections as they undergo conservation.  

Killerton will be one of the locations, featuring in episode 4, alongside Mr Straw’s house and Anglesey Abbey. Viewers will get to go behind the scenes while staff oversee the repair of the rose stained-glass window and the ‘Diana’ dress, a piece in the costume collection at Killerton. 

The repair of the ‘Diana’ dress stars in the programme and Shelly Tobin, costume curator said “We are delighted that the Killerton costume collection was featured in the programme, allowing viewers to see the conservation work on this beautiful dress. I was so pleased that we were able to reunite a piece with the original donor-it was such a special moment.” 

The programme will also feature the rose stained-glass window and the painstaking process of removing and restoring the glass. 

“It’s a beautiful window and now the celestial light can shine through and showcase the chapel once again.” says Tom Coombe, Collections and House Manager at Killerton. “The programme gives people a chance to see behind the scenes at how this fascinating work was completed.” 

Killerton is open daily, and visitors will be able to see the refitted rose stained-glass window and the ‘Diana’ dress from Killerton’s costume collection. 


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