Inaugural St Thomas Community Festival planned for 2013

The inaugural St Thomas Community Festival will take place in and around St Thomas Pleasure Grounds on Saturday 14th September 2013. The festival is the brainchild of the recently formed St Thomas Community Association (STCA) and is intended to be a celebration of the St Thomas area as a vibrant, diverse and exciting part of the city.   The organisers hope that the event will build community cohesion, bringing together residents of all ages and backgrounds in a celebration of the variety of sporting, creative and musical talents that flourish in the area.   Although the festival itself will be based in the Pleasure Grounds, STCA hope that local pubs and other community groups will take advantage of the buzz it creates to put on their own events over the same weekend.   The festival will be totally free to access and non-profit -making, with any monies raised going directly towards the next year’s event. The event has the full support of many local councillors, but is very much a community initiative.   STCA is still looking for local people to get involved, so whether you are an artist, crafter, represent a local group or just want to volunteer to steward on the day, then come along to the next meeting on Sunday 11th November at 3pm in Cafe 36 on Cowick St.   We would especially welcome input from anyone who has experience in or advice to offer on staging, PA, health and safety or general events management. Turn up to the next meeting or email
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