Exeter-based Sing for Fun: A natural high?

Forever Young
Authored by Forever Young
Posted Monday, January 7, 2019 - 12:43pm

In September 2018, Dr Michael Mosely presented the BBC Two programme Trust Me I'm a doctor called 'Can singing give you a natural high?'. They tested whether singing, dancing and cycling could boost levels of endocannabinoids - chemicals thought to be responsible for the 'runner's high'. The result showed that levels were increased by 20% when dancing or cycling. When singing, the levels of endocannabinoids were increased by 40% and big improvements were found in 'mood' together with reduced anxiety and feeling less stressed.

Can Exeter-based Sing for Fun give you a natural high? Since early 2007 we have never offered blood tests or questionnaires to test the levels of endocannabinoids - so we don't know. Let's be honest, do other Exeter-based singing groups offer this? We don't know but we, like them, continue to attract like-minded adults to spend quality-time [two hours most Mondays] and judging by the comments eg. 'Cheaper than therapy and more fun' we suspect we must be doing something right.

To discover your post-Sing for Fun mood come along to St Sidwell's School. Exeter. We are not a choir and meet at 7pm most Mondays and sing for two hours. We now have over 700 great backing tracks with singers choosing the songs we are to sing that night.

Usually we get through 28 or 29 songs (another reason regular choir singers also come to us) and most people know the tunes. There are great songs from the 1940s right up to the present day – there is just a massive range of music with many different styles. The group attracts all sorts of people and they benefit from the location in the centre of Exeter (St SIdwell's School, York Road), with plenty of public transport access plus parking in and around the school. When the words are projected on the wall, everyone sings. No one should feel obliged to be really good and yet depending on who's there you may get this amazing sound. Of course we are biased, but sometimes, when you just listen, it sounds just fantastic.

If you want to join in - just turn up - first session is free for new singers, have a look at the website Forever Young Sing for Fun or for further details please email Forever Young. Hope to hear you soon.


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