Millionaire Mansion van set alight in arson attack

Charity hating arsonist strikes again

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Posted Friday, May 10, 2019 - 8:57am

Mansion competition targeted for the 2nd time in 3 months

In the space of three months, the family behind the Millionaires Mansion competition have fallen victim to multiple targeted arson attacks as a result of their bid to raise funds for charity and local communities.

Back in February, fire crews were called to a bridge over the M5 at Junction 28 near Cullompton in Devon to put out a fire which was raining burning debris onto the motorway, wreaking havoc and causing drivers to swerve out of its path.

A van advertising the Millionaire Mansion competition, which is the opportunity to win your very own mansion for only £10 a ticket, was found with its cab burning and it’s trailer irrevocably damaged due to a targeted arson attack.

The family were left devastated and feeling victimised. A spokesperson said “This family are well-known philanthropists and support a wide range of good causes. All they are trying to do is support as many charities and local community groups as they can with their Millionaire Mansion competition.”

They had finally started moving on from the incident when in the early hours of this morning it happened all over again, Fire crews were called out to a bridge over the M5. The M5 was closed southbound from Junction 28 (Cullompton) to Junction 29 (Exeter) as a result of another Millionaire Mansion van being alight, in what has been described as another deliberate attack.

The family can’t understand why they are being targeted in what feels more and more like a  personal attack. The Millionaire Mansion competition has received some backlash in the past after being delayed by a year, but ultimately supporters and charities have been incredibly positive. The families goal is to give away a mansion to help support a large number of charities and local communities and the end date is now in sight with only 6 months left to run.

In the past the family had given the offenders the opportunity to come forward and offered them an opportunity to help support the charities and turn their lives around, without being prosecuted. This seems to have fallen on deaf ears, with the incredibly dangerous and stupid act being repeated and potentially threatening the lives of innocent travellers and commuters.

The family has vowed to continue and not let this stop them from delivering a great prize to one lucky person and a significant sum to a range of good causes. The winner of the Millionaire Mansion will walk away with a mansion worth £2.3 million, a Rolls Royce, £50,000 cash and staff for a year. Meaning someone out there will nab this incredible prize for only a tenner.

That’s not the best part, however, £2 from every single ticket sold will be given to charity in the hopes they can raise £2 million for a large number of charities and causes. With 20% already going to charity, the family have since allocated a further 20% to support local community groups and smaller organisations that struggle with fundraising.

If you would like to support the competition or are part of a local community organisation that needs help to raise funds then please get in touch via the details on the website.

To learn more about the Millionaire Mansion competition and the great things the family hopes to achieve please visit their website