New 'Tinder style' friendship app for mums

Mush is a new free app that connects mums with other local, like-minded mums and generates friendships.

It’s mission is to make the lives of mums more sociable and fun, enabling meet-ups in real life with other mums who can support each other.

A recent study commissioned by Mush found that 80% of mums prefered to go to a playgroup with a friend, 50% go to shops for adult interation, 22% have only one other mum friend and 60% go through a full day without adult interation.

Mush was born through the experience of its founders Katie & Sarah, who had two small children between them and found the days long, lonely and isolating until their chance meeting in a playground!

Having kept each other sane and happy in the months that followed, they realised that all mums should have access to a free and fun way to find other mums nearby, and Mush launched in Spring 2016.

The name 'Mush' came about when its founders had mushed up their baby’s food during the weaning phase, and had described their brains as sleep-deprived, addled mush.

They also worked out that it stood for Mums Social Hub. Katie and Sarah have since realised that it means perfect in Hebrew and is old English for friend! 

Mush is available from the app store and Google Play. It takes just five minutes to download, register an account and search for mums nearby.

Other great features include amusing and helpful articles about parenthood, a local discussion hub, a local outings hub, events calendar and an event creator where you can invite mum friends to you events and meet-ups. A link to the app can be found here:

The number of mums on Mush in Exeter is growing rapidly and it is great to see interesting discussions and meet-ups occuring on the local hub.

I have arranged for two up-coming mum meet-ups in the Exeter area.

The first is at the Pop Up Play Cafe at Topsham Rugby Club on Wednesday 22nd March at 11:00am.

The second is at Chococo Cafe in Gandy Street, Exeter on Monday 27th March at 11:00am, where there will be free 'fluffies' (babyccinos) available and chocolates for mums.

All mums are welcome to come along and meet fellow mums.