Dance in your pants to help men with cancer!

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Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 11:49pm

A South West charity is calling on people in Devon to dance, sing and play music in their pants to raise money to help local men with testicular cancer.

It’s the “Men In Pants” campaign from It’s in the Bag Cancer Support. The campaign is running throughout April, which is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

Supporters, known as “Testicle Defenders”, post a video of themselves doing the special Men In Pants dance, or singing/playing the Men In Pants song, or both, and donate £3 to the charity.

They’re hoping to make the 30-second dance into the next viral craze to rival “flossing” or "Blinding Lights”… as well as having a bit of fun to cheer up the last weeks of lockdown.

Many of them are wearing their pants over their clothes to show their support for Men In Pants!

And of course, you don’t have to be a man to join in, anyone can be a Testicle Defender.

Support packs

As well as having fun, the aim is to raise £3000 in 30 days so that It’s in the Bag can provide support packs for men in the region undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer. £3000 is enough to provide a support pack for every man in the region who needs one, for the whole year.  

Each pack contains information about testicular cancer plus a range of little things that men often overlook or don’t realise they’ll want during their treatment.

These include a thermometer, hat, socks, tissues, toothpaste and toothbrush, mask, sanitiser, hand cream, lip balm, ginger biscuits, travel mug, water bottle, sweets and even magazines and puzzle books to keep them occupied while they sit through the chemotherapy sessions.

Essential support

Richard Bullard, a testicular cancer survivor and co-founder of the charity, said:

"The guys and their families tell us that the support packs are really helpful at what is a very difficult time for them. So we hope this campaign will ensure we can give a pack to every man in the South West who has chemotherapy for testicular cancer this year. 

"We usually offer a range of face to face support but during COVID that's been prevented by social distancing, which has been heart-breaking. So it's great that we can continue providing these practical packs even during lockdown."

South-West TV and radio presenter Downsy, who’s a patron of It’s in the Bag and provided the voiceover for the dance demo video, said:

“It’s in the Bag provide essential support to guys at time when their world seems to be falling apart, made worse by our current COVID restrictions. Please, take 30 seconds out of your day to join in with our Men In Pants… if nothing else, it’s good exercise! 

“I wholeheartedly support anything we can do to highlight the cause and raise awareness. Check your balls!”

BBC TV and radio presenter Ali Vowles, who’s a patron of It’s in the Bag, said:

“I love the fact that by doing the dance and highlighting a cancer that is often just not talked about - you can make everyone you know smile, raise money and awareness.

“So don’t be shy! Grab your loudest, baggiest underpants and do the Men in Pants dance.  Your 30 seconds of fun (ok slight embarrassment!) is worth it- you could help save a life.”

How to join in

Want to join in the fun, help men with cancer and become a Testicle Defender? It takes just three simple steps:

1.       Donate £3 to the charity by texting PANTS to 70460

2.       Post a video of your dance/song on any social media site

3.       Tag #ItsInTheBag and three friends who you dare to do the same!

You can get the music and a demo of the easy dance at or search for #ItsInTheBag. Why not do it:

  • with your whole family
  • with your bandmates on video call
  • in fancy dress with your Zumba class
  • · with your neighbours in the park
  • with your sports team
  • - or all of the above at once!

You can also donate £3 without opting into further messages from It’s in the Bag by texting PANTSNOINFO to 70460, or you can donate at

Men In Pants - Learn The Dance

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