Exeter Renter? Treehaus Launches Landlord Review Platform

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 9:57am

Social entrepreneur Niel Nichols and Technologist Mark Brown are bringing the first national rental database platform to life on Treehaus. The platform's launch is designed to keep landlords accountable and give tenants a voice. 

The database covers 80-90% of private and social rental properties in the UK and is the first of its kind. To learn more about this powerful platform giving renters more insight into landlords' quality and how this can help you as a tenant in Exeter, keep reading.

Rental Conditions Need a Rework

Did you know that 1 in 5 rented homes do not meet the Decent Homes Standard? According to the English Housing Survey, this staggering figure is the reality of the rental property standards. If a tenant is living in poor conditions, they have very few options for bettering their situation. 

A register of landlords was recently announced, along with a set of national standards that require landlords to refit non-compliant properties to be safe, warm, and in a decent state of repair. However, this still doesn’t guarantee that tenants will receive the standards of living they require and doesn’t grant them autonomy in their landlord-tenant relationship that would improve complaint processes.

Niel Nichols became aware of this problem in the rental sector, stating: “When we asked tenants whether they thought the rental industry was fair, 95% of them said that it was not. However, even though nearly all tenants agreed that the industry was unfair, 40% said their landlords and properties were good or very good. So, our mission is to help connect tenants with good landlords and drive up standards for the rest.”

The rental sector is about to favor good landlords and incentivize landlords to improve the standards in the properties they offer, thanks to the first national rental database platform.

Connect Tenants with Better Landlords

The drive of the Treehaus rental review platform is in future to help tenants find landlords known for offering good services to tenants. 

By leaving detailed reviews of their landlords, tenants can become part of the solution, helping push good landlords toward success and preventing tenants from signing leases with less-than-ideal landlords. Months of collecting data and performing research have placed Treehaus in the position to help transform the rental industry, allowing tenants more autonomy in the sector. 

Niel Nichols drew a comparison between the rental industry and the hotel industry to highlight the need for tenants to have more voice in their relationship with their landlord. In a hotel, the customer isn’t simply told to ‘deal with it’ should they be placed in a room that doesn’t meet their expectations. 

So, why should the situation be any different for tenants? Hotels would receive only 1-star reviews if there was mold in the rooms and no hot water, and there needs to be a similar system to ensure tenants’ needs are met. This isn’t a hotel, it is their home, and they deserve to have basic needs met, which is why the national rental database platform is vital.

Why Renters in Exeter Need the National Rental Database Platform

In Exeter, landlords warn of a perfect storm gripping the rental market and making the property search even more tasking for those looking for properties in the area. 

With the influx of students returning to university and those returning to work, there has been an ‘insane’ demand for properties, increasing the demand and competition for rooms in Exeter. The South West’s average rental price has now reached £860, which could be over half of the renters’ household income.

To ensure their money is well spent and they have their basic needs met by the property they choose, renters in Exeter can benefit from using the national rental database platform. They will gain the ability to leave positive and negative reviews for landlords based on their tenants' service. Renters in Exeter need to have as much information as possible at their disposal before moving into a rental property.


The rental revolution has arrived, and with this new national rental database, we will start to see landlords held accountable for the service they offer tenants. Tenants will be spared from poor rental conditions and have better relationships with more attentive landlords. If you’re looking for a rental property in the Exeter area, be sure to make use of the database and ensure your landlord will provide you with excellent services. 



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