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Posted Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 1:51pm

Filmmaker in Residence at the Exeter Phoenix and Founder of Puny Gods Pop Up Cinema, David Salas, needs your support for latest project - The Emotional History of Places - a film about the potential for important moments to occur in nondescript places.

To realise this film Salas needs both your stories, and crucially, your votes.

#ProjectFilmSupply is about helping winning filmmakers bring their ideas of short films to life, public voting for favorite film concepts closes on the Monday 1 September.  

As well as your votes, Salas would like to hear from potential story contributors, giving the people of Devon the opportunity immortalize life affirming moments and put an invisible corner of the universe on the map. All stories will be read by an actor, and original contributors will have the option to remain anonymous.

Ten stories will be selected and a film made at the location itself, whether that is in the most remote part of Dartmoor, in which someone had a near death experience making them re-embrace life, or on a mundane street in the city, where somebody saw the person they would fall in love for the very first time on a walk to work.

We might pass through these places daily and never know that something profound happened there, filmmaker David Salas commented: “I’m using film to capture those ephemeral moments, to build an emotional history of places; a way to make the invisible visible.

"Winning Project Film Supply would help in two ways, provide the equipment to realise the project in the most powerful way possible and provide a profile from which to collect stories and generate interest and support.”

In any place, anywhere in the world something meaningful has happened to someone and there is beauty everywhere. The Emotional History of Places will search out stories from Devon and around the world of the places where contributors experienced a personally profound moment.

The stories unearthed so far in Exeter include, a first kiss, support from a stranger in a troubling moment, and a near death experience that changed an individuals approach to life and can be viewed here.

Voting closes on Monday 1 September, please click here to vote.

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