Bring Out the Board Games! Fighting Boredom While on Lockdown

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, March 27, 2020 - 8:03am

With the current Corona lockdown in most countries, you will find that bars, schools, and offices are closed. You are probably at home, bored, and looking for fun activities to either do alone or with the company of loved ones. Now that you are lazy and have nowhere to go, why not spice up your life with some board games that you can play in the comfort of your home. 

Here are a few suggestions that might suit your craving.


This great piece of art comes in gold and black color and appears excellent on the table. It has foiled stamped letter tiles, and players have to struggle to place letters on the double or triple word squares. Some words might be tough to crack when playing scrabble, and most of the time, players seek assistance from their buddies. Some scrabble experts will advise you to unscramble those letters with an unscrambler, an online tool that finds words to use in word games, given that you are unable to think of a word to play. Besides, not only will you be able to learn new words, you get to bond with your family during the lockdown as well.

Ticket to ride

Ticket to ride is a fantastic game that aims to construct routes across Europe, connect carriages, and link cities. The game resembles a monopoly, the only difference being that this game incorporates trains. When playing, you must use your tickets and hand of routes to complete your journey while blocking other players and longer routes have more points.


This game offers you the chance to be one of the four experts tasked with busting diseases. You need to use strategy and skills to wipe out the plague, and the fun bit about the game is that all players have to work in unison for the greater good of humanity. In case one of the players destroys the bugs, all of you win.


You need to download this game on your phone. When playing, thinking of obscure answers is the pathway to winning. Pointless is ideal for teenagers and older members of your family; younger players will struggle to answer some of the general knowledge questions. The application will store everyone’s scores and statistics and keep track of the Pointless champion.


This board game employs a straightforward idea; simply hold those tiny plastics in your hands and complete the tasks that involve filling a cup with water or putting on lipstick. The game would be fantastic for the entire family, and when you set it on relay mode, four or more players can participate in the game. Handimonium has battle options or charades where two players can compete to complete a challenge.


Monopoly encourages poor behavior with cards and directs players to dodge rent, pickpocket, or even steal from the bank. The game has board handcuffs that you can use when a player is caught in the act. This game would be fun and noisy, considering that it is suitable for a considerable congregation. Careful not to take it so seriously though.

Smart Ass

Smart Ass is one of the favorites considering that all players take turns to read out facts about a place, person, or object, then if one of you knows the answer, they shout it. It is a trivial game that is suitable for teenagers and older family members, although the young ones can also join even though they will probably get all the answers wrong. This game would be ideal for a family get-together.

Point salad

The game allows all players to stack their cards using different vegetables on them as the players attempt to have the most points. Point salad has over 100 score possibilities, and all players need to think hard to find a suitable way to play their hands.

Come Dancing Board Game

You will need three batteries to power the glitter ball that takes center stage. The glitter ball provides the voices of Craig Revel and other songs that you will all use for the dance-off and singing challenges. You also need to answer some trivia questions that will advance you to the Strictly stage. Upon reaching the grand finale, you are automatically voted as the champion. This game would be ideal for you in case you love busting some moves.

Life doesn’t have to be boring, given the lockdown situation. There are a lot of things you can do inside your home. Read that book you’ve been wanting for some time. Try a new recipe which you saw from a magazine. Better yet, bond with your family and take full advantage of the situation. Find a board game that suits your character, gather your family, and let's all have some fun.


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