Care home marketing strategies for 2022

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 6:24am

2022 is here and the care home industry continues to boom. Now more than ever, it’s important to plan out your marketing activity and identify your main focus areas. In this industry, the emphasis is on the people. Families and residents. But how do you appeal to such a diverse target audience in a sensitive subject matter?

Read on as we guide you through some of our top tips for implementing a marketing strategy for your care home business this year.

  1. Have a clear strategy

Before we get into the specifics of how to put together a marketing strategy for your care home, it’s incredibly important that you have a clear goal in mind – and this is reflected in your strategy. The care home industry is extremely competitive, so you need to find out what is unique about your offering, and present that clearly in your marketing. Until you have a clearly defined marketing strategy, mapped out and agreed, your efforts will likely fall flat and result in a loss.

  1. Spend time learning about your audience

Choosing a care home is an incredibly personal experience, so as well as being clear, your marketing needs to be sensitive and tailored towards the correct audience. But how do you do this?

Utilising call tracking services is one of the best ways to track your potential prospects’ behaviour. Call tracking can provide access to even more insights than standard web analytics platforms, and often allows for integration with the other marketing platforms that you use.

Call tracking can identify how callers have found your business, and which channels are generating the highest number of leads. This is through generating unique phone numbers for each individual visitor, so that you can track their call directly to that page or platform. In a nutshell, this tells you which channels or advertisements are getting the best results, and driving the most prospects to pick up the phone. Also, you can gain more of an overall view of your care home’s marketing performance, by identifying which keywords, messages, landing pages and campaigns are working best for your brand.

  1. Reviews, recommendations and testimonials

Building trust is an essential part of putting together a marketing strategy for your care home business. As we touched on above, the decision that your prospect is about to make will affect both the potential resident’s life, and that of their family. It’s a big deal.

Because of this, you should expect your prospects to do a lot of research before they finally reach out. One of the best ways to persuade a potential prospect to take that next step is to showcase the positive experiences from previous and current residents. A good review can be the difference between someone choosing your care home, and going elsewhere.

Always check in with your reviews on alternative sites, as well as incorporating testimonials into your marketing efforts. Reviews can often feel more trustworthy than a company’s own proclamations of how good they are.

In summary, to be successful in the care home industry in 2022, you need to utilise your reviews, understand your audience and have a clearly defined strategy.


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