Exeter College MOT team set to demonstrate 'best practise' at industry event

Exeter College is currently celebrating a great twelve months providing MOT tester qualifications.

Attracting candidates from a pool of 400 businesses locally and bringing in technicians from as far away as Kent, they have notched up an enviable record so far with a 100% pass rate.

"Of course we had a head start," admits Andy Wells, Head of the Engineering and Aerospace Faculty at Exeter College. "We were an MOT training centre for the DVSA before the recent changes were implemented.

"We were already well resourced before the new qualifications were introduced so we hit the ground running. Our training is competitively priced and accommodation in Devon is affordable too. It all adds up to a winning combination for us as a college and our customers.”

They are also running on-site annual training and assessment for MOT testers. During the March rush for the deadline they were catering for 30 to 50 testers every evening.

Barry Williams, IMI Business Development Manager, will join the Exeter team onstage. "Exeter College has some great kit for the 800 or so engineering candidates coming through the faculty every year.

"They have eight ramps, the latest diagnostic devices, and a bank of 50 PCs for the IMI online learning and assessment.

"To top it all they have full capability to run ULEV training course, so they’re surely set for a bright future serving the retail motor industry," he said.


Pictured Exeter College MOT trainers Darren Smyth on the left and Chris Fuge on the far right, with some of their successful candidates.