New family walking trail MonsterHero Safari comes to Exeter

A new interactive family story-trail around Exeter will launch on Saturday 4th July. The MonsterHero Safari Trail works on smartphones, challenging families to find hidden ‘MonsterHeroes’ around the city which appear on the phones when you reach their hiding place.

Families and households in Exeter can search the streets for 10 cute and colourful ‘MonsterHeroes’. Using only smartphones, the safari allows players to learn each of the MonsterHero’s name, story, and superpowers. Once all 10 MonsterHeroes are found, a free e-book, that tells the story of their first team-up, will be...

Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop

Event Date: 
28/09/2019 - 11:00am to 4:30pm
Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

People walk around with more advanced technology in their pockets then was used for the moon landings!

You may not be able to reach the moon with your smartphone, but it is possible to create an award winning film like Charlotte Prodger who won the 2018 Turner Prize with her film Bridgit.

Smartphones haven’t only just been used to produce short films either, award winning director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s trilogy, Erin Brockovich and Traffic) shot Unsane a 98 minute feature film fully on mobile phones, launching mobile phone filmmaking on to the big screen. Unsane grossed...

Stagecoach launches new smartphone app

Stagecoach South West has launched a new app that will make bus journeys even easier for passengers.

The new Stagecoach Bus app is available free of charge for Apple and Android mobile phones, simply search ‘Stagecoach Bus’. It offers a range of additional customer benefits, including improved journey information.

But the company warned that urgent action is needed on worsening road congestion if the bus passengers are to get the full benefit of the new technology.

The new app offers a simple journey planning tool which uses interactive maps and the smartphone GPS...

The future of ecommerce - In a nutshell

Authored by Bitpod
Posted: Wed, 12/04/2013 - 9:42am

In this video local expert Nigel Wilkinson from WNW Design discuss the future of ecommerce.

Nigel gives his opinion on how the change in mobile technology is changing the way we do business and what he thinks we will happen in the future "Other technologies will be driving change in the next few years. Most Smartphones already have Near Field Communication or NFC capability, which allows contactless payment systems, which retailers in the UK have been slow to respond to but are now seeing the benefits."

To find out more you can contact Nigel by email at

New technology to help people with Asperger’s

Brain-in-Hand Ltd, a company based at Exeter University, has developed a personal technology system to assist people with Asperger’s Syndrome, high-functioning autism, acquired brain injury and a number of other conditions with their day-to-day living.