Introduction to script writing for film

Event Date: 
14/09/2020 - 7:00pm

Cinema is a collaboration of many art forms, but at its very centre and it’s beating heart is the script, which creates the blueprint from which all the other art forms can create.

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Writing a screenplay is more than just creating witty dialogue for characters to chew their food with. Before a word gets typed the author will have thoroughly planned and plotted the story through a series of processes and conventions that assist them with eventually realising on paper what...

Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop

Event Date: 
28/09/2019 - 11:00am to 4:30pm
Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

People walk around with more advanced technology in their pockets then was used for the moon landings!

You may not be able to reach the moon with your smartphone, but it is possible to create an award winning film like Charlotte Prodger who won the 2018 Turner Prize with her film Bridgit.

Smartphones haven’t only just been used to produce short films either, award winning director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s trilogy, Erin Brockovich and Traffic) shot Unsane a 98 minute feature film fully on mobile phones, launching mobile phone filmmaking on to the big screen. Unsane grossed...

Exeter firm lends its support to rising stars of women’s cycling

Authored by Gill Vosper
Posted: Tue, 06/27/2017 - 2:13pm

Exeter-based Wide Eye Communications, one of the south west’s leading video production companies, has taken on the role of raising the profile of a group of young female cyclists vying to take the British Cycling HSBC National Women’s Road Series and National Road Championship by storm in 2017.

Through the creation of a new film telling the back story behind this team of determined amatuers, Wide Eye Communications aims to help the cyclists, who ride as Bianchi Dama UK, find additional sponsors interested in supporting their long-term competitive goals. The film, which can be seen...