Re-open the doors of your squeaky-clean premises with Topwaster’s best same day waste removal services

Picture this. Your prospective clients walk into your establishment. Your team is ready with a pitch-perfect presentation, to sell products or serve delicious food in your top restaurant again. But a pile of leftover junk from before the lockdown catches their attention rather than what you are offering. The look of disgust in their eyes, too evident to ignore. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

A similar situation could happen at your home too. Your dinner or party guests are not appreciating your exceptional interiors. They are silently judging you for that overflowing bin or rubbish piling up in your garden. Now be prepared for the taunts on your family WhatsApp group. You know the jibes are on their way.

But taking out all that junk and waste is not simple either. Sure, the dump yard is just a couple of miles away. But loading all that waste into your car or trailer to reach the waste disposal center, where you may also be turned away or charged with a high fee… an exercise you would rather avoid saving yourself time, effort and money.

So, is it a choice between creating a wrong impression on your guests or customers or making an errand that would eat into your free time?

Topwasters Rubbish Removal Services to the rescue

Well, Topwasters, cheap rubbish removal services can save you from additional stress, especially now that regulations still require people to take safety precautions such as sanitising hands, wearing masks and so forth, you want to ensure that your venue, home, or business is as clean as possible to avoid embarrassment and infections.

With Topwasters' same-day waste removal services you can get rubbish removed within an hour or two of making contact with them.

The rubbish you have shoved in the corner of your yard, behind your garage door, below the stairs in your house, shop or office can be gone within minutes. Just grab your phone, take a picture of what you want removed from your premises and send it to

You can also use the contact form which is available on the Topwasters website. Describe the waste and the areaw you want it removed from using as much detail as possible to get an approximate quote. A no-obligation quote, to be precise.

Same-day waste removal services - available every day

The team work seven days a week, so they are able to come at a time convenient to you. 

But that's going to break the bank, right?

Wrong. Topwasters have the most competitive rates in London, starting at just £40 for 50kg of rubbish. And the collection would just take a few minutes — superfast, super affordable, super easy as the rubbish removal experts take care of sorting, recycling and disposing of your waste adequately. Everything will be diosposed of properly.

Licensed and trusted - your waste will be disposed of correctly

Topwasters are licensed by the Environment Agency to take away your junk. You can trust them to segregate, sort and send your waste where it should end up. You don’t have to sit beside a pile of discarded stuff, wondering what should be sent to the recycling center and what not. These waste removal heroes have the knowledge and experience to do that.

All you have got to do is search for them on Google, visit their website or call to schedule a clearing or send them a message through their contact form. And then good riddance to unwanted, worrying waste (and your problems - well, most of them!).

Serving across the Greater London Metropolitan area

No matter where you are located inside the M25 circle, they offer same day junk removal services all over the London area.

Whether you want rubbish removed from your office in Bromley or Tooting or want to get rid of waste from your home in Orpington or the West End - Topwasters can send a man and a van to any London location to deliver the best rubbish removal services.


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