Does an IQ test show your real intelligence level?
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Posted Monday, August 30, 2021 - 6:29am

An IQ test is an evaluation that summarises a scope of psychological capacities and gives a score that is used to understand the capacities and potential of a person. Intelligence level tests are among the most usually managed mental tests in the world.

The history

IQ test was known as the Binet Simon test in history. A French psychologist developed this type of test in the 19thcentury and these tests were used for children with special needs. This test was utilized to help those children who required extra time of learning other than their school time learning. With the advancements in the field of psychology, these tests were further developed and transformed into advanced level tests which were being used to measure the general aptitude of a person.

The question is that whether an IQ test shows your real intelligence level or not?

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Is it a matter of understanding? What do experts say?

  • Dombrowski who is a very talented and refined psychologist, and a physician stated that if the IQ test is interpreted and understood correctly, then it will show an accurate and valid result. Therefore, according to him the validity of an IQ test depends upon the accurate analysis.

He further adds that psychology and human attitude have no right code and stability. Nature changes and the habits vary from person to person. So there is enough flexibility in this domain to measure the intelligence of people. The tests which are strict to the area of memory, reasoning, verbal knowledge are more likely to show unstable or unreal results. But the tests which are based on the general readings and flexible are considered real.

  • Probably the most concerning issue, Piantadosi another great psychologist, told that somebody's IQ score can change dependent on the unique circumstance. The level of intelligence tests is known to be touchy to things like inspiration and training. This bodes well that if you practice these values less then you're not going to score as high. Or then again, if you are not familiar with the methodologies that individuals do, you will not score as great as them. Therefore, he believes a person’s actual capacity cannot be summed up by the amount he/she is willing to place into a test.
  • Ford's analysis about IQ tests validity with the collaboration of many partners, shows that the utilization of biased IQ tests is keeping numerous people of other cultures out of the field. Ford has been reading multicultural skilled instruction for more than 30 years and notes that while there has been some improvement for Hispanics, she hasn't seen any significant improvement in the portrayal of Black people.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Even though developments in this field are required, both Ford and Dombrowski concur that IQ tests can be helpful as a general evaluation of the individual. In the end, the users of the tests are responsible to decide that whether the tests are effectively understood, taken, and utilized for great reason.

A recommendation for the most reliable and valid IQ tests is as they follow up every test taker from start to the end. Moreover, they ensure that nothing disturbs the students while taking the test. Tests are made according to gender, age, and region to guarantee the accuracy of results. 



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