Here is what you need to know about sports betting on online casinos

Mike Page
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Posted Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 7:25am

Sports betting can add an extra dimension to your sports experience. Instead of just looking and hoping for a certain winner because you care for that team, you have now bet money on a certain result. This makes it all the more exciting to watch, especially in matches where there is no immediate advantage or disadvantage for one of the clubs. There are many online casinos to bet on sports competitions, and we'll take you further here in the world of sports betting.

What are sports betting?

Sports betting or betting on sports matches means as much as that you predict an inevitable outcome, bet money on it. If that prediction comes out, you win a guaranteed prize. Well, that doesn't sound very easy, but it actually isn't.

The basis of every bet (gamble) is that you predict who will win (or that there may be a draw). Suppose you bet on a match between Ajax and PSV. You bet on profit for PSV and bet $ 5 on that. Then your first sports betting is placed, and no matter how much PSV wins, if they win, you win back your bet, plus a little extra because you got it right.

After that, you can bet on many other elements of a match. So you can also say that PSV wins 1-2 (because they play out. You can bet money on that, and if you have predicted this correctly, you will also receive a nice amount in return. And so you can bet on almost every competition element.

Which sports can you bet on?

While betting on baseball is extremely popular in the USA, football betting is the most famous throughout Europe because it is the national sport of many European countries. But with the online casino, you can also play on cricket betting, which is the second popular sport in the world.

If you go to the online casino providers, then the offer cannot be exhausted. In addition to almost every sport you can think of, you can often gamble on other 'competitions' such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Oscars and the American elections.


In spin palace sports betting, we talk about odds, also called odds. Odds represent what the online bookmaker pays you if your prediction is correct. It is a factor by which your bet is multiplied. A rating is determined on the basis of various factors, such as:

  • Relations between the teams
  • Results from the past
  • Players who have dropped out (due to suspensions or injuries, for example)
  • How high are the teams in the rankings

If you have already bet on a match against certain odds, this can still change until the last moment. For example, if a talented player is still unable to participate. The more you bet on a particular outcome, the lower the odds will be. The lower the chance that your prediction will become true, the higher the odds.

Let's take the example above again, Ajax - PSV, where you bet $ 5 on the profit of PSV. Since the clubs are quite evenly matched, the odds will be fairly close together. Suppose the odds for a win for PSV are 2.8 and PSV wins, you win 2.8 x $ 5 = $ 14. But if Ajax wins or if they end up in a draw, you have, of course, lost your bet.

The mentioned bet is a single bet, you predict one match and win when your prediction comes true. You can also place multiple bets, where you only win if all your predictions come true. The odds are higher, but so is the risk, one wrong prediction, and you have lost your bet. And you can also bet on specials. These are things like the final score (so it will be 1-2 or 3-0, for example), the score at half-time, who will score first, etc.

Live betting on sports matches

Most bets are made before the start of a match. However, it is also possible to place a bet on a particular outcome during matches. This way, you can still bet on who wins (predict your winnings of a team already before then the odds will be low), but also, for example, who will score the next goal.

Live betting is a lot more hectic than betting in advance. Beforehand you can think again about what you want to bet on, and if necessary, you can sleep on it for another night. Live betting is fast, and you have to decide immediately. You can also let yourself be overwhelmed and bet quickly when you actually do not want to, or for more money because it can not go wrong in your eyes. So think carefully when you do this and especially keep a cool head!

Orient yourself well!

Do you want to take a gamble and enter the world of sports betting with a reputable online casino? Then it pays to do homework. And that can be done in three ways.

First of all: find out which online bookmaker has the best odds for your bet. If necessary, register at multiple sites and see per match and results where you get the most value for your money.

Second, it pays to take a good look at the welcome bonuses and conditions. Most online bookmakers have an offer for new customers, often along the lines of 'deposit x $ and get 100% extra'. There is often a maximum of what they give you extra (so not that you deposit $ 500 and think you will receive $ 500, so $ 1000, usually you get $ 50 extra round). There are also conditions to the bonus, and you can not just withdraw it. You often have to bet these several times (with the chance that you will lose) before the winnings on your bonus are released on, for example, to withdraw.

Last but not least: don't just bet at random check the best casino sites first. Even if you don't know much about the sport, a high score sounds nice and is certainly enticing, but it also means that the chance that you win is small. A low score, on the other hand, is undoubtedly less exciting but more defined. There are plenty of forums where predictions are made based on the mentioned criteria. You don't have to do all the work yourself, just find an enthusiast and get advice.

Sports betting: Online casino bonuses

In many online casinos, you get an extra amount when opening an account. This works exactly the same for bookies. At least not entirely. Since you can get a lot of extra bonuses, there are differences in playing around with such a bonus. Since you often have to play an online casino bonus around 25-50, that is different for a sports bonus. As a rule, you usually have to bet such a bonus 5-7 times. In addition, there are conditions attached to the quota. This can differ per online bookmaker.

Play safe; unfortunately, there are a large number of dubious parties that offer online sports betting. So place your online sports bet at one of the reliable online casinos tested and recommended by expert bettors.



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