Can you trust betting tipsters?

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 11:08am

We hear of betting tipsters everywhere nowadays, and you may have thought to yourself, hey, can they actually be trusted? It has now become one of the most popular ways to gamble, and such a saturated role for many gambling professionals out there, to make some money from the kind of knowledge and experience they have. 

Each betting tipster will have their own quirks and approaches, meaning in all honesty, there is definitely something to learn from all of them really. Yet, when it comes to picking the right one you need, when you need to place a bet on some horse racing odds, picking the right one that works for you is massively important. Knowing which one to trust, and which of those to avoid is a decision you have to be able to make, and that is something we believe that we can help you with. Make sure to read through our tips and take them into account, the next time you pick a tipster to work with for your future bets.

Why do tipsters provide tips?

Tipsters provide tips to the available market because most of the time, they will get blocked or banned from using betting sites, solely due to the fact they have that ‘edge’. Bookmakers make profit from losses at the end of the day, and if someone is consistently making large wins over and over again, that will of course hurt their cash flow in the bigger retrospect of things. Therefore, the way tipsters can actually make money nowadays, is by selling their tips as a service to other punters out there, who may not have the knowledge and experience to make their wagers a winning one. 

Operating under a subscription service, bettors will subscribe to these tipsters, and utilise the knowledge and recommendations they pass on for any particular niche within sports. You have tipsters who are experts on the Premier League for example, while others will be more acquainted with horse racing and the factors which affect it. Each tipster will have a preference on the way they like to operate. Also, you need to think, tipsters will still always have a risk from placing bets, a consistent subscription from punters means they have consistent income, with no associated risk. That is comforting from a long-term perspective, no doubt.

Also, tipsters have a lot of competition out there, it often takes years of social media activity, podcasts and so on, to really get your name out there, meaning they do not always make as much as you would think, especially as they will need to be transparent about their gambling success rate when it comes to providing predictions. Gamblers shopping for a tipster will have those rates to compare, and usually going for the tipster with the highest rate of success is always the way to go. 

Should you trust a tipster?

This is an honest question and you have every right to contemplate on this. Not all tipsters will be 100% honest on their success rate, however now with the internet and social media, it has become very easy to spot a fake from a legitimate tipster. All you need to do is be responsible about your selection, do some research, read some reviews and that is pretty much it. Research in the gambling business is massively important and should never be underestimated, always keep that in mind. 

How to choose a tipster?

Now to the most important question-how you actually pick one. No question, there are plenty of factors you will need to consider making sure you selected the right one for yourself. All the tipsters will boast the best qualities about themselves, as at the end of the day they want your money. Thankfully however, there are ways of making sure that you make the right decision when it comes to your selection.

  • Read up on the experience of other punters via forums and reviews online. This is the most transparent way of knowing what you are signing up for.
  • Take advantage of a free trial period, as most tipsters have now started offering that to their services, so they can acquire your trust and loyalty to their community that they have built.
  • Research their figures, through customer service reviews. Have they exaggerated the claims from their profile? If yes, you may need to consider if it is worth it.
  • Follow their social media accounts, as there are huge chances there will be hints and promotions that you can use towards your betting, without even having to sign up to their subscription.
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