Mariam Badavi wins Devon Venus Award for Employer Of The Year

I am absolutely overwhelmed and honoured to be blessed with the title of Employer of the Year for the Venus Awards for Devon 2013, very kindly sponsored by Cathedral Appointments.

A warm thank you goes out to all of you, especially my dear mum who played a pivotal role in getting me nominated all the way through to my remarkable victory. Without her support and that of so many of you, none of this would be possible!

I believe the key to being a good employer is to create a secure and happy environment for your staff in the first place, so that they do their work excellently and feel motivated and excited by regular training, product updates and special events.

Regular work appraisals and listening are essential key strategies for keeping the lines of communication honest and open so that they know their concerns are voiced and listened to. Listening also allows you to see another perspective about your business that might not have been obvious before.

As employers, it is our job to show our appreciation since the way the team feels always directly affects the outcome of the business. Always make sure to reward your team with goodies and feedback to let them know what they are doing right and you will be blessed many times over with happy clients and a team that wants you and the business to do well.

Finally I'd like to thank Tara Howard and Celia Delaney for this wonderful journey and recognition that we all share.

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