Asia Pulp and Paper commits to a better future through sustainability

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 2:12pm

As more businesses move forward to incorporate sustainability in their practices, the quality of life can be expected to improve. With that being said, Asia Pulp and Paper has made an effort to contribute to this improved quality of life. And they have done it by committing to a Sustainability Roadmap Vision for 2030.

Here is what you need to know about this Indonesian-based pulp-and-paper company and its sustainable practices below.

What to Know About Asia Pulp and Paper

Asia Pulp and Paper is a pulp-and-paper manufacturer located in Indonesia. This business is specifically headquartered in Jakarta and was established in 1972. Asia Pulp and Paper initially began as a caustic soda manufacturer.

But as their business grew, they eventually turned into a worldwide company operating not just in Indonesia but also in China. As a worldwide company, they are now producing more than twenty million tons of paper, pulp, and packaging items yearly. And as of writing, they are currently marketing their sustainable products in over 150 nations.

Delivering Sustainable and Responsible Innovations

As a global leader for producing pulp-and-paper, this business does its best in delivering sustainable and responsible innovations. Asia Pulp and Paper achieves this through multiple means. These include managing forests and peatlands sustainably, measuring the environmental performance of their products, and implementing sustainable actions that prioritise their people.

After all, their home base, Indonesia, is an archipelago. This makes them much more at risk with the effects of climate change. With that being said, Asia Pulp and Paper has also carried out multiple measures. All these measures are listed underneath their sustainability roadmap and forest preservation guidelines.

Furthermore, their sustainability roadmap also referred to as Vision 2030, emphasises three primary components to their business. These components focus on their manufacturing processes, preservation of forests, and improving people’s lives. All these major components are aligned accordingly with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Envisioning a Change in their Company through Unparalleled Transparency

Besides committing to an efficient sustainability roadmap, this pulp-and-paper business also envisioned another change in their company that is now being implemented ever since July 2020. During the mentioned date, Asia Pulp and Paper aimed to become more transparent in their industry. They achieved this by launching a Forest Alert Service that the general public can access.

This technology utilizes instantaneous satellite images to offer consumers the entirety of the company’s operations. From there, the public can gain access to Asia Pulp and Paper’s supply chain. This, therefore, allows them to view protected forests and other areas to check for possible degradation.

These tools also ensure that their company establishes the confidence required for their sustainable sourcing model. Furthermore, such tools allow them to give people a closer look at their operations. And as one of the leaders of the part of the pulp-and-paper sector, they hope that more companies take a closer look into these tools to provide the public with the transparency they’re looking for.

Final Takeaways

Overall, it’s safe to say that this pulp-and-paper business is genuinely making efforts to offer more sustainable operations. By implementing forest-preserving policies, an efficient sustainability roadmap, and many more sustainable measures, it can be guaranteed that Asia Paper and Pulp is truly committed to making the necessary sustainable changes for their company. And as per their values, they’re truly able to secure a better future for everyone.



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