4 Important things about power cables you didn't know

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Friday, January 14, 2022 - 8:48am

Many power cables are found in the production and supply chain world. Blue, red, yellow, and green skins frequently cover the cables' copper or aluminium inner linings. They are so ubiquitous that they are hardly given a second look and are unfairly disregarded as little more than inventory. However, despite being the most fundamental component of any electrical system, they are also among the most complicated.

In 1882, Thomas Edison invented the first 'wire.' It wasn't a wire; it was essentially made of copper tubes wrapped in jute! Because of its bituminous qualities, it was filled with asphalt, which provided insulation. This is because rubber insulation was not employed until 1897 and only in the Niagara Falls power plant. After all, copper may not be a superior conductor to aluminum. Yes, you read that correctly.

In some cases, such as transferring high voltages over long distances, the substance and size of the wire make aluminum more efficient and cheap than copper. However, when it comes to cable armor, it is completely useless. Cable armor is frequently expected to protect cables from external wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. 

However, in practice, the armor may occasionally do more harm than good! The majority of the armors are composed of steel tapes or steel gauges, which might cause the wire to malfunction if bent. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, most people feel that armor can protect the wire from moisture, but the reverse is true! When armored cables are exposed to water, the wire can cause damage to the armor and finally destroy it.

Further, we have discussed a few details regarding power cables that you might not have come across: 

Do not consider copper to be the best option

When most people talk about cable wires, they see the copper underbelly that runs through them. Copper is fairly prevalent, which might be the primary reason people assume that it is the best conductor compared to other options. However, the fact is that various sorts function well for various types of settings. The size of the cables, along with insulation material that is to be utilized and conductivity in connection to cable wires, are determined by resistivity measurements, but also by. As a result, when super-high voltages must be transmitted over long distances, it is more cost-effective to employ aluminum cables than copper ones. You can buy the best cables by visiting the official website of CHINT Global.

New power cables are not as durable as you think

When it comes to power cords, they might not be created as equal. Some power cables are designed to endure for a specific period owing to their intended purpose. The lifespan of a cable is greatly dependent on its intended use. Some manufacturers create cables for a specific application.

Cable currency is not stable

Various such variables influence cable current capacity, which is subject to change. These considerations include the current ground or air temperature, the actual method of laying, and the depth at which the cable has been buried. 

The cable skin is not for protection

The exterior cable armor is frequently viewed as a shield for the inside cables. However, it is not wholly intended for that purpose. If the wires are subjected to extreme physical stress, the armor will likely inflict even more harm. This is because most cable armor is constructed of steel tape or steel wire, materials meant to boost the tensile strength of the cables.

Furthermore, most individuals assume that cable armor may be used to protect cables from dampness. This is not correct. Exposing armored cables to water may easily result in the armor being destroyed and the wires being exposed to dampness. Many individuals wrongly assume they may install cables in damp locations as long as they have cable protection, but this practice might expose you to severe incidents. You can also go through the official website and scroll through various products that it has. You can also buy the best armor that meets your requirements and expectations. It will be delivered at your doorstep shortly and within the promised deadline.


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