How to pull off a gorgeously decorated lounge without a shred of interior design knowledge

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 10:06pm

You don’t have to hire an expensive interior designer or even know anything about interiors to be able to pull off a fabulously decorated house. If you’re ready to turn your house around, or decorate a new place for the first time, the best room to start in is the lounge. The living room is most likely the central hub of your house, so once you have things sorted there, it will be easy to bring the rest of your house up to this standard - a great interior may even add value to your house.

Just follow these simple tips to make it look like you brought in a specialist to decorate your living room!


The first step is to gather inspiration. The internet is flooded with ideas, you can find inspiration everywhere. If you haven’t already got a Pinterest account, set one up so that you can save all your influential ideas to one place. After a while you’ll begin to notice patterns, that’s your style! (Whether you knew it or not.)

Emphasise Size

If you are luckily enough to have a lounge that would not benefit from looking a little more spacious, skip right over this step. Most of us, however, could benefit from the illusion of extra space. There are several ways to make ceilings appear higher, one is simply to hang artwork higher drawing the eye upward, giving the effect of being in a taller room. But possibly the most effective way to enlarge a room is through good use of light.

Having white walls in your lounge makes it easy for any natural light to bounce around and really opens up the space, not only that but it fits in with current Scandinavian interior trends, which aren’t going out of style any time soon. You can also play with natural light through the use of mirrors which help maximise light dispersal but also creates a double-the-space effect.

Mood Colours

Colour scheme is another important feature that can help give your room a professional feel in terms of design. While white can be wonderful for opening up space and giving off a minimalistic feel, other colours can really influence our moods, from creating a calming vibe or an energised space, it depends how you want to feel when you spend time there. Pick a theme that feels right for you then try to match it with all your choices when designing the room.

Luxe Focal Points

When you’ve got the simple things down, next you have to create some style that expresses your personality. Browse luxury furniture pieces to find one or two strong statement pieces to help define the style of your living room. Select for your price range, colour scheme and of course what fits in your space, then you’re ready to bring it all together!

Finishing Touches

To finalise the look, don’t forget to think about accessories, art work and of course, lighting. Lighting can be a mood setter, but the actual lights and shades you use can double as art and accessories that add to the room, so don’t over look it.

With everything in place, all that’s left is to show off your wonderful design to friends and family and make acquaintances jealous over Instagram!

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