Nightlife options to explore in London

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 6:14am

What’s there to not like about London! As the dawn sets in, you are bound to fall in love with London all over again! 

You may be someone who loves to party hard, sit down and have a quiet time or have a sumptuous meal. Whatever be the kind of person you are, the nightlife in London opens up some many options for you to spend the night. Especially when you are a traveller, if you miss out the nightlife of London, then it means you aren’t making use of the whole package of what London has to offer!

Strap on your shoes and start exploring the London nightlife.

Indulge Your Taste Buds in Soho

Soho is one major hub of London known for its variety of restaurants, bars and eateries. From the authentic European flavours to the experimenting Asian ones, you can have your pick of restaurants. Some tourists even hop on from one restaurant to another, tasting their way through the different food varieties available. Getting bored in the middle of all these food tastings? You can stop at a bar that has musicians playing some of the favourite songs of London. 

Food and music! What more do you want to end your perfect day!

A Visit to the London Museums

Most of the museums around the world close for admission in the night but not the museums in London. Some of the museums like The British Museum, The Tata Museum, The National Gallery, etc opens up for the public on some nights. And the admission is also free!

If you are one of the history lovers, you can take a beautiful stroll around the museum in the night and bask in London’s history.

The View of London Skyline

Some places open up at the night to offer telescopic viewing of the London skyline. You can get up on one of the highest buildings in London like Hampstead Health and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky.

You can also visit the Hampstead Scientific Society at night and enjoy the telescopic view of London’s sky at night. You can also go to the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building at the night which offers a beautiful view of London. It also has a bar and a restaurant so you can have your dinner while admiring the beauty of London. 

An Adventure with Massages

If you are tired after a long day in London, a massage is what you require. There are some massage parlours in London that provide more than just relaxing your muscles at the end of the day. These massages help you to explore new levels of excitement and have an adventure of your own.

Discreet Massages is one of the premium massage parlours in London. Book an online appointment now choosing from the variety of massage options available.

Jack The Ripper Night Tour

This is one of the fun and exciting nightlife options if you decide to spend your night different.

Are you a fan of mystery? Then this tour is especially for you! There are a number of ‘Jack The Rippe’r tours available which takes you on the dark streets of London where ‘Jack The Ripper’ found and murdered his victims. Some tour also offers you to the option to find clues and find the killer at the end. This can be one of the most memorable and exciting nights of your life!

Dance Your Heart Out in A Club

What’s the nightlife if you haven’t spent it in one of the happening clubs in London?

There are a variety of clubs available in London catering to everyone’s taste. With different music and theme options, you will never be bored!

Mayfair and South Kensington are the two main areas where there are a lot of exclusive clubs present. These areas offer a lot of different variety of clubs but nothing comes close to affordable. If you are looking for something under a budget, then it is best to prefer the clubs in East London and Camden Town which has many clubs and events in a variety of price ranges.

Some of the current hot clubs in London are the Fabric, XOYO, Cargo, Egg London, The Spaniards Inn among many others.

Have A Good Laugh at The Comedy Store

If you like to laugh your heart out at the end of the day, then this a must-stop place. The Comedy Store is located in London and has many shows every single night including some of the top comedians in Europe.

If you are in Soho just exploring and have some time, then you can definitely stop over in The Comedy Store and lighten your mood for the night.