Wildlife friendly meat from Devon-based Farm Wilder

Let winter feasting begin with Farm Wilder’s wildlife friendly ethically reared meat boxes delivered straight to your door

Authored by Lucy
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2021 - 1:27pm

Delivered straight to your door this Christmas, Farm Wilder’s exclusive range of wildlife-friendly, pasture fed meat champions West County farmers who want to bring wildlife back to their farms.

The entire range is reared by farmers on Dartmoor, south Devon and east Cornwall who use regenerative farming practices. They work in harmony with the environment to benefit their animals, bringing high quality, high welfare ethically reared meat to your table with exceptional taste and texture.

Choose from a selection of boxes, or pick individual items and make up your own box. Each item is clearly labelled to state the wildlife that those farmers are working to protect.

The packaging has been sourced to keep the meat frozen and it’s environmentally friendly.

Boxes start from £59.99 with the Pasture Fed Steak Tasting Box. The Wilder Essentials Box (£89) is a selection of pasture fed beef and lamb and free range chicken; venison is also available that’s foraged freely on Forestry England sites. 

Orders made before 12pm Monday to Tuesday will arrive the next day, or select when you need a Farm Wilder box to arrive. The minimum order is £30.

Farm Wilder is a non-profit Community Interest Company set up to support farmers who want to use regenerative farming practices by providing marketing support and a direct to consumer ecommerce site for products.

To purchase Farm Wilder products please visit  www.farmwilder.co.uk



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