The Japanese food revolution comes to Exeter

Whether it’s a quick and tasty sushi treat, or an indulgent bowl of ramen noodles, Japanese food is currently one of the most fashionable cuisines in the world.

Not only is Japanese food packed with fascinating new flavours, but it’s also proven to have plenty of healthy properties. And what’s best is that Exeter is in the midst of a Japanese food revolution with innovative restaurants and fun delivery services all helping us get a taste of this captivating cuisine.

Food outlets like Tyepyedong on Sidwell Street exemplify the way that the relaxed dining experience doesn’t inhibit the wonderful flavours on offer. Although it may just look like a typical noodle bar, Tyepyedong offers a great selection of Japanese curries, and with a selection of noodle options ranging from udon and yakisoba to ramen, it shows just how much variety there is in this trendy cuisine.

However, as Japanese food is synonymous with sushi, it also makes sense to check out Yo Sushi on Bedford Street. This popular Japanese food chain offers a great way to try a wide range of freshly prepared sushi and sashimi treats thanks to the fun way that the conveyor belt brings the dishes past your table. And with delivery brands like Deliveroo offering another way to enjoy these quality sushi delicacies, it shows how Japanese food provides plenty of flexible eating options.

Wagamamas is another hugely popular chain that has helping bring about the Japanese food revolution. The Wagamamas on Princesshay offers all of the famous Japanese teppanyaki dishes that you’d expect, but with the addition of interesting desserts like banana katsu, coconut reiku and and yuku ice cream, it shows that there’s always something new to try.

Although none of these restaurants are likely to leave you feeling hungry, for a substantial take on Japanese cooking, the popular Steaks N Sushi restaurant could be a good option. With a stylish and modern interior, this food outlets on North Street offers the perfect way to enjoy hearty kushiyaki meat skewers and delicious tempura treats. And the inclusion of grilled rib eye and fillet steaks with teriyaki, wasabi or pepper sauce shows that Japanese food can definitely do a good job of filling you up!

So from quick and convenient sushi delivery companies, to the heartiest steak meal, it seems that there are plenty of options for enjoying the best of Japanese cuisine in the heart of Exeter!