Experts revealed 4 major mistakes people make when brewing coffee

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 5:43am

This article tells about the main mistakes people make when cooking coffee and tells about the proper technique of making delicious coffee and the various secrets of brewing this drink.

Most people love to eat delicious, fragrant and exciting coffee every morning before a hard day. The popularity of this drink is really high. But in order to prepare a really delicious, fragrant coffee, you need to have an interesting art of cooking coffee, which is not at all as complex as it is imagined, it can be easily seized by any person, if you know and adhere to the basic rules of making coffee. Before you start cooking, you buy coffee beans, which is important to sniff and visually inspect. Weak smell, grains look like mold, there is no need for aroma from coffee beans, and there are any other smells: these are the main facts of low-quality coffee, which in any case should not be bought.

It is important not to save on coffee, you should always know that the price directly influences the quality. If you want to use high-quality coffee, you will not be able to save you in any way. The taste itself is directly dependent on the cost of coffee, therefore, high-quality coffee cannot be in the low price segment. It is better to buy coffee in specialized stores than in supermarkets and mini-markets, as the price in specialized stores will be lower, and the quality is usually higher. The article summarizes the four most common mistakes we make when cooking a coffee drink.

Error # 1. Using coffee grinder

A wide mass of people are thinking about saving their own time, so they are already buying ready-made grain. But this is a big mistake! Mild coffee beans can lie on the supermarket shelf for a long time, because of this reason, coffee completely loses its own aroma and distorts its taste noted Lola Peterson from

Also, pay attention to the degree of grinding:

  •  Coarse grinding;
  •  Middle grinding;
  •  Fine grinding;
  •  Chopped for espresso;
  •  Powdery grind.

Typically, a quality packaging is a glass or rigid packaging. In no case, rust should not be present on the packaging - in case of its availability, the coffee will have a metallic flavor. The plastic packaging does not store the desired taste and aroma of the coffee, as a result, you get a product of the very best quality. Some specific stores sell coffee in a paper box, in which case you should come home to pour coffee into an airtight container that prevents light, air and other foreign odors from falling.

Error # 2. Non-compliance with rule 1:10

It is important to know and remember about the rule of ingredient ratio:

1 gram of fresh milled coffee equals 10 ml of water. It is important to adhere to this rule: it is not necessary to add too much water to the coffee, it is possible even from the best coffee do not make high quality and not fragrant cheap coffee beverage.

When preparing a quality coffee, use only the dishes that are suitable for it. In particular, the best option for cooking is a cup of 200-300 ml. It is important that the inside of the cup has thick walls: this form provides for a long period of keeping the heat of the drink and its fragrant aroma. When preheating the cup in which you pour coffee, you can make the taste of coffee more fragrant.

You do not need to store coffee grains in the refrigerator, it is important to know that it is coffee that easily absorbs the smells of other products located next door in your refrigerator, which is why its original scent and fragrance are lost. You should not think that coffee can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, because the package is qualitative and tight, it will not miss any other odors. In any case, the taste of coffee with such preservation will not change for the better. Coffee, which is located on the shelves in the supermarket, is mostly stored in refrigerators or freezers, therefore, the high probability of decreasing its quality and its aroma due to the ingestion of other odors located in the neighborhood is one of the reasons not to buy coffee in these places.

No need to eat cold coffee! The typical situation is as follows: you cooked in the morning a delicious, fresh, fragrant coffee, and forgot about it, after which you consume it in cold form. In no case do you need to do this? It is advisable to drink fresh coffee immediately after its preparation: the cold drink loses its qualities and its aroma, and also the coffee becomes too bitter for consumption.

Error # 3. Adding a lot of extra ingredients to your coffee

It is worth knowing that coffee serves as the source of antioxidants. According to studies conducted by scientists from all over the world, one can conclude that the beverage contains the same amount of antioxidants in both coffee with milk and in just black coffee without any additives. Thus, we can conclude that both options are equally useful for consumption. Of course, coffee with milk adds a special taste to the drink and to a certain extent it has a cooling effect, but it is worth knowing and taking into account that excessive amounts of ingredients such as milk and sugar can spoil the aromatic properties of even the freshest and delicious coffee.

Error # 4. Buying a large number of coffee beans at once and rarely cleaning the coffee equipment

Experienced coffee lovers consider it necessary to consume coffee grains within two to three weeks after their roasting. Purchasing you a lot of coffee makes you ignore this important rule. Conclusion: it's better to buy fewer coffee beans, but consume fresh and fragrant drinks.

It is important to know that any equipment, including the coffee machine, requires careful cleaning. This will ensure the possibility of preserving the true coffee taste and aroma of your drink and will ensure that no harmful bacteria can enter the coffee.

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