The best Asian restaurants in Shoreditch

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 8:43am

When it comes to Asian food, Shoreditch has no shortage of options. Whether you’re after some aromatic Indian curries or the sour, saltiness of Filipino food, this London district has you covered This list takes you on a culinary journey to all corners of Asia without having to leave Shoreditch.

Here is a breakdown of five Asian cuisine options that are guaranteed to satisfy while you’re in London. 


RAPSA - 100-102 Hoxton St.

For the best Filipino cuisine not only in Shoreditch but in all of London, you’ve got to try RAPSA. The menu features creative takes on traditional Filipino cuisine, which draws influence from many Spanish and Chinese dishes. They’ve made the recipes extremely accessible with options for all dietary needs. If you’re not familiar with Filipino cuisine, the foods have infusions of citrus and tangy flavours that will leave your mouth watering. RAPSA also hosts Boodle Fights every Sunday, which is a unique group dining experience with Filipino street foods all eaten by hand.


Viet Grill - 58 Kingsland Rd.

There are many Vietnamese options in Shoreditch, but Viet Grill stands above the rest. It’s owned by Vietnamese Kitchen, who are the experts of Vietnamese cuisine in London. This restaurant is part of an area dubbed the “pho mile”. You can enjoy Pho at their Pho-bar, but their menu is also brimming with many other aromatic and authentic dishes. Try their five-spiced grilled quail or lemongrass chilli chicken. Beyond just the food, they’ve got a creative cocktail menu which is inspired by traditional Vietnamese flavour profiles.


Dishoom - 7 Boundary St

With the first venue opening back in 2010 in Covent Garden, Dishoom now has 8 locations in the UK. It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular as they offer rich and spicy Indian dishes in a unique and eclectic environment. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner India style, with fun English-Indian fusions of classic dishes. For breakfast, you can expect spicy scrambled eggs and masala infused baked beans. The bacon naan is a favourite among customers and is super affordable as well. The menu has many sharing dishes, so it’s a great place to go with friends or co-workers.


Shoryu - 45 Great Eastern St

Out of all the different foods in Japanese cuisine, there is one that is universally a favourite - Ramen. Though everyone has their own opinion of what makes the perfect ramen, Shoryu has nailed it. The executive chef, Kanji Furukawa, is from Hakata and has created the menu from traditional family recipes. The atmosphere is modern and bright and always buzzing. The menu not only caters to everyone, with vegetarian ramens available as well but also features other Japanese street foods. They have a variety of Japanese buns, tempuras, gyozas and a creative cocktail menu too. 


Smoking Goat - 64 Shoreditch High St

Last but not least is a trip to Thailand by way of Smoking Goat. The restaurant used to be a dive bar and has kept that grungy feel but with a Thai twist. The décor draws inspiration from the late-night canteens in Bangkok. They are a perfect example of quality over quantity with a small, but mighty menu of tender meats and chilli-infused veggie dishes.

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