Why highrollers are choosing to play at live casinos

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 9:47am

Popularly known as Casino Whales, high rollers are mostly professional casino players with deep pockets and the tendency to make large bets. You won’t find a high roller in a casino’s penny slots or trying a hand at the low-limit tables. These huge spenders can wager thousands of dollars per game or even on a single bet. The players bet huge amounts in the hope to win big and also receive royal treatment in the casinos they play.

While high rollers were traditionally common in land-based casinos, they are now choosing to place their wagers at live casinos. These casino whales are attracted by lavish rewards, great comps, security, and other incredible benefits that keep them coming back for more. After all, being a high roller is all about the royal treatment.

Here are several reasons why high rollers are turning away from local game rooms to try their luck in live casinos. 

Availability Of Obscure Games

Live casino games are among the top trends in the online casino industry. Almost every operator is trying to make their game offerings stand out from the rest, with most casinos hosting more obscure games than some local casinos. 

For instance, most live casino operators in the UK might offer different variations of poker like Chinese poker or five-O Poker. These type of variations are highly attractive to high rollers as they allow you to enjoy a game familiar to you without doing the same thing over and over again. In simple terms, they eliminate the boredom of playing only a single game without having to choose a different game.

Generous Bonus Offers

In a land-based casino, high rollers can expect various compliments such as free or discounted rooms, complimentary food, and drinks. Similarly, this 5-star experience is replicated in live casinos, but don’t expect to get any gourmet meals, limousines, front-row seats, or luxury suites. Instead, live casinos offer all their bonuses in cash and free chips to wager on different games.

While the amount of compensation that a high roller gets depends solely on the casino of choice, you can expect to get a decent amount in most live casinos. That’s one of the ways that live casinos attract new high rollers to their site. These offers mainly include huge welcome bonuses which could reach over four figures and free betting cash after making huge deposits.

As with any casino bonus offer, there are terms and conditions to consider. That means you need to go through everything carefully as most people often miss out on offers because of failing to read the terms properly. 

Convenient Banking Methods

A line of credit is one of the most convenient methods that high roller casinos use to attract high spending customers. However, these casinos don’t do this because the players have no money to wager. It’s because a player may have millions of dollars, but may not be able to carry all the cash that he/she needs in cash due to bulkiness and security issues. 

Though not every live casino will offer a solid credit line to its high rollers, they all offer convenient and secure banking options for deposits and withdrawals. Most live casinos offer instant deposits and fast withdrawals, allowing high rollers to wager a comfortable amount quickly and easily. You may not be able to deposit millions into your live casino account, but most high roller online clubs will allow you to wire over £10,000 daily.

Avoid Accumulating Casino Debt

As earlier mentioned, most local casinos offer a huge credit line to avoid losing their big spenders. That means a high-stake player can continue playing with the casino money, even when they keep on losing money. That can result in a gambling addiction problem and also accumulate big debts. For example, Las Vegas casinos kept extending credit lines to their high rollers during the recession, leading to millions of dollars in player debts.

Due to the nature of live casinos, high rollers can easily stay away from casino debt even after losing their bets. Some online casinos also allow their players to set a daily deposit limit that helps to ensure they don’t too much money while they keep on losing. These responsible gambling measures are available at every live casino UKplayers can access and offer a good way to control gambling-related problems. 

Live Casinos Have High-Security Protocols

Aside from secure banking methods, live casinos maintain military-grade security protocols to earn the trust of their customers. Additionally, gambling in an online casino keeps you away from all the hassle and commotion that may be present in a land-based casino. Keep in mind that most big spenders tend to throw tantrums and cause a lot of commotion in a casino after losing money.


Land-based casinos have always been convenient for wealthy players looking to have fun in a high-stake table while sipping a glass of whiskey. However, most big spenders are turning to live casinos for their convenience, security, and their ability to replicate that VIP treatment that high rollers crave.

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