The Unbound Sketchbook perfrom at Exeter Fringe Festival

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Posted Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 9:48pm

The Unbound Sketchbook are headed to Exeter Fringe Festival with a plethora of pages from their mighty book of comedy sketches.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if a self-service checkout developed aconscience? Or Fancied finding out who’d win a ‘Battle of the Accents’ between a farmerand a pirate? Well. Here’s your chance...

The Unbound Sketchbook have amassed a formidable catalogue of comedy sketchesover the last three years, and now they’re outon the road with the very best rib-tickling skits from their repertoire in a fast-paced all- original show fronted by a top-notch team.

Gareth Johnson, Kati Fogg, Alistair Sanderson, Hannah Rogers and Pete Benson will perform a 60- minute set, drawing together some of the best-loved material from the Sketchbook’s pages writtenby Gareth, Pete, Brian Murray and Dario Knight.

Other sketches explore the consequences of dictators having access to social media, discover whatwould happen if God really did create a weight so heavy he couldn’t lift it – and then got stuck under it, and take a peek inside a very unusual self-help meeting for over-the-top actors.

The Unbound Sketchbook are rapidly making a name of themselves on the touring circuit and – in addition to their hilarious live performance – have released audio sketch shows, sitcoms and panel games in their self-titled podcast, which is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

A fantastically-funny night out with a wide variety of comedy ranging from superbly silly visuals to witty wordplay and even a dash of mirthful music, The Unbound Sketchbook is a must-see for fans of smart comedy that isn't afraid to be silly when it wants to be.

The Unbound Sketchbook will be performing for one night only at the Barnfield Theatre on Saturday 3rd August at 4pm, as part of the 2019 Exeter Fringe Festival. Tickets cost £14.50 and are on sale now via

“Truly my sides hurt from laughing so much!” “A fabulous show – highly recommended!”