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David Banks
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Posted Friday, April 16, 2021 - 10:36am

Going on trips to other countries is always an exciting perspective, especially when you are going for the first time. Common sense tells that you should have spare money for trips, as you might want to buy souvenirs, taste food from many different restaurants, and even play in casinos.

If you are going on a trip to the UK, you should know that all countries composing the UK have beautiful casinos crowded with amazing people. Perhaps going to casinos is not one of your top priorities, since England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland all have beautiful landscapes you can explore and other historical monuments you want to visit. However, at the day's end, you want to chill and have fun with other people. That is the whole point of casinos.

Most articles about casinos in the UK will point you to the best ones in London. That happens because the majority of casinos in the UK are in England's capital. However, that becomes repetitive after a while, and that is the whole reason why here, you can read about all the best land-based casinos you can find in the UK that are not in London. Are you ready? So, pay attention and take notes of any casino that might interest you.

Les Croupiers Casino

If it is to start this list with the right recommendations, it is impossible not to recommend a trip to Les Croupiers Casino in Cardiff. Cardiff is Wales' capital city, meaning you probably already put the city on your route. So, if you are in the city at night and want to explore its nightlife, you should stop by "The Croups." That is how Cardiffians call the place. At The Croups, you can find all classic casino games, and beyond that, there is a sports bar where you can chill after some rounds. There is also food in the casino, served by an in-house Chinese restaurant.

Rainbow Casino

One of the classic cities in England that many tourists go to is Birmingham. In the city, you can find the Rainbow Casino. Two words define the place: glamour and sophistication. You feel it as you walk through its doors, and you will surely remember this casino for a long time after you visit it.

Genting Club

Another very well-known city is Manchester. It is one of the most stunning places in England, and because of that, hundreds of tourists crowd the city every year. When planning a trip to the UK, the city will probably make your list. If so, then you should also include the Genting Club in Portland Street. It is a fabulous casino where you will feel energetic even after a tiresome day seeing monuments, museums, etc.

Grosvenor Casino Leo

Liverpool's nightlife is agitated and has a lot of options both for locals and tourists. If you are looking for the perfect casino to spend some good hours playing, drinking, and tasting the best food, don't hesitate to go to the Grosvenor Casino Leo. It stays open 24/7, and its main focus is poker, making all poker enthusiasts very happy. However, it also offers all other known casino games.

Grosvenor Casino Hull

England has some big cities that you probably will see, but its smaller towns also have their charm. East Yorkshire is a beautiful city with only a little more than 300,000 inhabitants. If you are paying a visit to it, you can also go to the Grosvenor Casino Hull. It is not a colossal casino like the ones you can see in London, and because of that, you can have a different experience that is truly worth the journey.

Genting Club Fountain Park

If you are going a little farther north to Scotland, you can also find plenty of fun in its nightlife. There is this marvelous casino in Edinburgh called the Genting Club Fountain Park. It is a mid-size casino, offering all you should expect from a casino, and it is the largest in the country's capital.

The Westbury Casino Club

The United Kingdom comprises four countries, one of which is on another island. Ireland is a beautiful country that you will not want to miss on your trip if you genuinely want to see the best UK has to offer. If you feel like exploring its casinos too, The Westbury Casino Club should be good enough for a night out. The biggest casinos in the UK are in London, so this is not that big, but it still offers all the classic slot games and quality drinks and food.


When you go to the UK, you do not have to limit yourself only to London, especially if you are going for the second time and already saw London's best attractions. Casino fans and tourists who are curious about these places can find a lot of fun in other cities as well. Don't forget to talk to your trip agent if any casinos in this article sounded interesting to you. Also, to get more profound information about each casino so you can plan yourself right, you can read the best reviews on




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