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When someone says casino, what are your first thought? Is it poker? Maybe it is champagne, cigars and roulette? Or is it the mafia, James Bond and action that comes to mind? Casinos are mythical places that has been base of many storylines in movies, series and books. As an average gambler or just as someone who is curious we have habits and tend to stick to them. But there is a lot to discover and to have fun with.

When it comes to online casinos the first thing that first comes into most people’s mind are slots. This is a modern version of the classic game once seen here and there called one armed bandit. It was invented 1898 in San Francisco and has aged well. There are an endless number of games in the casinos and the variety of the themes of the games are fascinating.

Unusual casino games

A category of games that is growing is slingo, a combination of slot and bingo. The themes and variations are starting to broaden making this entertaining game suit more gamblers. It is a fast and fun game that is a good way that will make time rush by and works well as a relaxer for many. If you are curious about this more modern game and other online casino games there are a lot to learn.

Big game in other countries

Different games are more popular in some countries than in others and some are not even heard of outside the home country. India is a country that has a lot of indigenous games that is rare to come across anywhere else. Or maybe you have heard Andar-Bahar and Teen Patti? If not, they are two card games that you will recognize is some parts and some will be new. They are both very popular in casinos.

Classic Asian games

If you are curious at other casino games that are originally from countries and cultures from far away China has some to offer. An old game of dominoes is Pai Gow this is run by a lot of rules and is played double handed in an intricate matter. But it has been turned into a modern version played with cards that is not as hard to get into. Give it a try and you might be smitten.


This is a modern game with a lot of historical elements, it started in Rome before coming to the UK in the medieval times and moving on to the USA. Now it’s a full member of the casinos around the world. If you are at a real casino and see a lot of commotion and cheering you can bet on that it is a craps table that has caused all the fuss. When first looking at this game of dices you are bound to be a bit confused, but it is not as complicated as it first might look. All games at the casinos are made to be attractive to the majority of gamblers and not to scare anyone of, so give it a chance and you might find a new favorite game!

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