Promotion hunting: The best way to save money in casinos

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 6:45am

Money is important, we all know it. To have it is an assured relief from most problems in life, and to not have it creates enough headaches and pangs to sour any mood. It is only to be expected that not everybody is born with a golden spoon, so money is a hard thing to come by these days and harder to keep while still fulfilling life’s basic needs. Saving money is a skill that is usually innate but can be developed over time if one only knows how to go about it. And the best way to save money while still not pretending to be broke is to hunt for promotions.

Promotions are any kind of contact a business or company establishes with its customers that reminds, informs, or persuades them about products that would improve the former’s marketing image. Successful promotions involve tantalizing incentives that make the audience curious about a product, simultaneously conditioning them into buying it.

Promotions are most important when casinos try to attract gamblers to their facilities, be it online or in brick-and-mortar establishments. Most savvy players know how important it is to put some work into finding good games with good promotions if they wish to squeeze money out of a casino instead of losing it to them. As you can read in this review of 888 casino promotions, casino offers are not only about the new players, but they must also take into account keeping the existing participants involved. Like 888 casino’s premium welcome packages or €888 free play, casinos feed players with just the right amount of bait, for lack of a more refined word, and tempt them into continuing their play.

To save money, gamblers look specifically for these promotional options. The first and foremost step in finding good gambling promotions is to look for them actively. Once you open your eyes, it is easy to see how ubiquitous these offers are and how simply they can be ignored. When travelling to a gambling city, keep your eyes on the billboards lining the airport corridors. These can be found covering walls from floor to ceiling, informing new visitors and returning regulars about various promotional offers and show prices that they offer. Not only billboards, but make sure to read the free magazines you might find on stands near the doors or in baggage claim, or most often in the back pocket of taxi seats. These have interesting offers and promotions to make your visit productive, in addition to coupons and even $20 off a dinner maybe.

When it comes to online casinos, make sure you go for a top-rated establishment since these usually have the most lucrative offers and bonuses, especially when it comes to welcome offers. Each offer will most probably have a wagering requirement, so you need to make sure you familiarize yourself with the fine print while reviewing bonus offers. It can also be beneficial to sign up for email updates and loyalty packages from online casinos to always stay up to date with the latest offers. Emails sent on a regular basis can include special bonus codes and promo codes, so make sure you check your account and spam filter too, in case you might have missed something. The bonus offers in online casinos are usually listed on the home page as well under the Promotions tab.

Players should be aware of how to claim a bonus or promotion when they make their choice of game or establishment. In most online casinos, claiming a bonus requires a special code when depositing via the online casino cashier. While reviewing bonus offers and promotions, make sure you familiarize yourself with the details for claiming too, which will be listed with the other promotion details. Always follow the details to be able to claim your reward. If you have any questions, never shirk from contacting customer service for assistance.

When in a gambling city, the first thing you should remember to do after settling into your hotel is to head straight for the Players Club desks. Many casinos have special promotions and offers to entice players into signing up for their Players Cards. These promotions might include a rebate on losses, which is the most common reward. Rebate means that a casino is bound to refund a player with his/her losses up to a certain amount. Higher denomination slots usually have a lower hold percentage, as can be seen on the regulatory board website where hold percentage of various denomination games are displayed. It is a good plan to use most of your rebate in games of higher denomination until your rebate stake is exhausted, or until you happen to hit a few hundred dollars profit. You can then use the rest of your rebate to play lower denomination slot games and maximize the play and entertainment time.

Holiday gaming programs are also a great way in which casino conglomerates spread the holiday cheer and polish their image. Over the year, a player accumulates points, which can then be redeemed for merchandise. The higher the points a player boasts, the better merchandise he/she can reap, from sofas to television sets to recliners. At the very least, a few gift cards are usually guaranteed.