Mobile Innovation Has Transformed Online Gambling

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Wednesday, March 9, 2022 - 8:01am

How have online casinos evolved since their inception? A company called Microgaming developed online casino software in 1994 and launched what they claim to be the first online casino shortly after that. Just like that, the online gambling industry was born. 

Casino games were the first form of real money gambling available online butpoker was the game that had the biggest impact on the online gambling market in the early years.

The Evolution of Online Gambling

Without their advances, online gambling would not have developed as much as it has. But ever-improving technology allowed online casino operators, bookmakers and other gambling sites to offer more and improved gaming and betting options.

The Evolution of Online Gambling: mobile gaming

With mobile sports betting, the UK has been at the forefront of innovation. 

With 3G access in 2003, you could use "The Betting Site". From there, you could choose from five bookmakers and it was all accessible from your phone.

In 2007, Apple unveiled the iPhone to the world. In July 2008, the App Store was launched in response to the new smartphone and its various applications. Texas Hold'em was one of the most popular iPhone applications during that first year. It was not necessary to own an iPhone to download this appas later that year, Google Play, later renamed the Android Store, was unveiled.

Casino games such as poker, slots, sports betting, and other options can now be played anywhere. The number of gaming apps available was (and still is) immense.

A key focus in 2010 was the development of cross-platform software allowing casinos and bookies to offer a mobile gaming experience that is available to everyone,regardless of their smartphone or tablet status.

What the Future Holds

Online casinos are now looking to take players to the "next level", offering live games, a secure gaming environment and fast, anonymous payment methods like Casumo's live casino does to this day. Here are some of the current trends that the industry is looking to move towards.

Gaming on Smartwatch 

After computers, tablets and smartphones, it is now the turn of connected watches to host casino games. This trend is progressing at an impressive rate in the iGaming industry and it has picked up pace since the idea was presented at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. Playing casino on a smartwatch is very convenient for several reasons. Phones are attached to the wrist, the watch can't fall off like a smartphone or tablet and they are very user-friendly (no unnecessary elements or ads that pop up during games).

Artificial Intelligence 

Casinos are and will continue to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve products and services. Customer service, for example, is more responsive and sometimes more efficient and user-friendly with AI. Chatbots available on online casino sites are a good example of how AI is used in the industry. These robots mobilise all the data available on the best online casino and on a user.  It allows them to better converse with the player and better solve their problems.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) 

If the advent of online casinos was a major advance over land-based casinos, they in turn, are now being taken to a much higher level of virtualisation. Casino games based on virtual reality and/or augmented reality are becoming increasingly popular. Several well-known developers are already offering virtual reality games.

2022 will undoubtedly be the year of innovations in online casinos, as the latter wish to stand out from the competition and attract / retain the maximum number of players.


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