The Latest Tech for Mobile Entertainment

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, June 24, 2024 - 9:39am

Before the modern technology that most of us now take for granted came along, those seeking entertainment had to travel to where it was offered. Even then, there were limited forms of entertainment available. As the 21st century dawned, everything changed dramatically.

Today, entertainment is readily available thanks to the powerful devices we carry on our person, in our bag, or in our car. They allow us to take our most loved forms of entertainment with us regardless of where we go, meaning we’re never far from having fun.

As technology advances, new mobile tech that brings us increasingly impressive entertainment continues to be released. If you’re curious about which latest gadgets will keep your fun levels cranked to 11, keep reading.

Omen Transcend 14

Gaming laptops are known to be among the best types of technology for mobile entertainment. These powerful machines give access to the latest and greatest video game entertainment and streaming services, the chance to take advantage of Boku mobile billing available at, and a range of other media.

The downside to these devices is that they are often heavy and don’t offer exceptional battery life. The Omen Transcend 14 is designed to combat these flaws, offering a lightweight device weighing just 1.63 kilograms and featuring the game-changing HP Fast Charge technology.

These incredible specs don’t come by compromising the importance of outstanding performance. The Transcend 14 comes with either the Intel Core Ultra 7 or Ultra 9 and between 16GB and 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM. These are paired with graphics that top out at the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 (8GB), providing unparalleled gameplay for such a slim and mobile machine.

LG CineBeam Q

The cinema has withstood the test of time as one of the best places to find the latest entertainment. In recent years, however, cinemas have battled to make ends meet as streaming services become the new norm and consumers invest in more advanced projection technologies at home.

Among these technologies is the LG CineBeam Q. Not limited to use only at home, the CineBeam Q is a portable projector weighing just 1.45 kilograms and measuring 80 millimetres in width and 135 millimetres in depth and height.

The tiny projector features a 360-degree turning handle that acts as a stand. With 4K native resolution and a three-channel laser, it outputs 500 ANSI lumens of light and has built-in webOS. It also has multiple inputs, a built-in speaker, and automatic scaling and keystone adjustment to start the party each time you pull it out.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra

With pre-orders beginning to ship in July, XREAL Air 2 Ultra is the much-anticipated upgrade of the currently available XREAL Air 2 and Air 2 Pro. Similar to the Apple Vision Pro, but much cheaper, the XREAL Air 2 Ultra are sleek augmented reality glasses that will open a new world once you put them on.

Offering a low blue light and flicker-free display, the glasses have a titanium frame and stylish design, making them look like ordinary sunglasses. However, with a focus on spatial computing, these do much more than shield your eyes.

Featuring 3D sensors that track almost all items and movement around you, they support hand and head tracking and can act as a virtual display for any device via USB-C. With many compatible devices, including mobile options, these glasses are a must-have in portable entertainment if you want a fully immersive experience wherever you are.

RedMagic 9 Pro

RedMagic is one of the most prominent names behind gaming smartphones. With the RedMagic 9 Pro, it is easy to see why. The phone ships with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which enables unrivalled performance in your favourite games.

High-resource games are no concern as the phone has up to 16GB of RAM and features the ICE 13.0 Magic Cooling System. This can help drop CPU temperatures by up to 25 degrees and ensure you don’t suffer from sweaty hands when you need pinpoint precision in-game.

Powered by Android, the phone supports various games, from first-person shooters to the latest casino app titles. Thanks to a 93.7% screen-to-body design, you can also use it to enjoy streaming movies and other forms of entertainment. All this is powered by a 6500 mAh battery that boasts up to 56 standby hours. 

Adidas RPT-02 SOL

Music is more than just a form of entertainment for many; it is an indispensable part of life. By 2021, the UK had more than 39 million active music streaming subscribers, many of whom rely on earbuds or headphones to provide an immersive listening experience.

One of the best headphones available for the eco-conscious and music-obsessed is the Adidas RPT-02 SOL. Partially built from 87% recycled plastics, these headphones’ environmental awareness doesn’t stop there. They also offer up to 80 hours of playtime on the battery when they aren’t exposed to any light source.

When they come into contact with light, the unique Exerger’s Powerfoyle light cell material that covers the outside of the headphones charges the battery. This is done by converting all forms of light (natural and artificial) into power to keep your tunes playing longer. Adding to this is the IPX-4 rating, which renders these headphones sweat and splash-proof.

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet

Purpose-built to be the ultimate Android gaming machine, the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet takes mobile gaming to the next level. Pairing perfectly with the RazerKishi V2 Pro controllers, the tablet offers HyperSense haptics and spectacular performance driven by the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1.

The active-cooled chipset works in tandem with either 5 GB or 6 GB of RAM to deliver incredibly smooth gameplay. This is perfectly displayed on the 144Hz AMOLED display that stretches 6.8” across the space between the controllers.

Offering support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Steam Link, PS Remote Play, and GeForce Now from Nvidia, the tablet allows access to the latest AAA game titles. The best Android titles are also installable via the Google Play Store, giving you plenty of games to try out as you move about.

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