Exciting and rewarding - Football live betting

Football bet is all about making predictions about which team will dominate. But the game can always take unprecedented turns, and it is never easy to make accurate decisions every time. Football live betting has its advantage because you can make informed decisions, considering both the live match progress and your knowledge about the game. With time, you can become more capable of making precise predictions and increase your chances to earn some big money. 

If you follow the sports regularly, according to experts at M88, you can get some great insights about the game, players performance and match conditions. It is of immense importance for making informed decisions and generating a good source of money for yourself. It is, however, always cautioned not to put the enormous amount if you are a beginner and don't have much experience on how betting works. 

Advantages of in-play football betting

Watching the match progress in front of you always enhances your ability to make better predictions about the game. Though there can always be unexpected results, this extra information about the game helps you make more accurate decisions. Also, Live football betting is always fun and gives you a wide range of opportunities of making money. It's a combo of two - entertainment and money. 

Live betting can also change your mind in a few minutes. You might see a particular team dominating the field, but things might change drastically in a manner you could ever imagine. Statistics may tell a specific side has an edge, but you might experience a 360 degree turn around in the actual match.

Drawbacks of live betting

Though live betting has a lot to offer both in terms of excitement and money, few challenges are also associated with it. A newbie might find it challenging to manage bets in a fast progressing game. Another drawback is getting emotional for your favourite player or team, without realising the probability of their decent performance in given circumstances. These actions can ultimately result in a considerable loss of money in no time.

Metrics to consider

Specific metrics are associated when it comes to making a bet on the odds. This include: 

  • Bet %: The bet % metric is a measure of what percentage of the bet volume falls under one of the sides. It allows you to determine which side of the betting takes less action when it comes to the absolute number of wagers placed. It is a simple way to ascertain which side is more favoured among the public.
  • Money %: The money percentage metric help predict what percentage of the entire amount wagered falls among which betting side. It allows us to find which side invests in the large bets and most vital share of total money wagered.

These are some of the popular betting sites for football in India:

1. Betway - The site is user friendly for betters and provides various deposit options like UPI, NetBanking etc. 

2. Bet365 - The site provides live football streaming options as well as live bet. It also comes with convenient deposit options like 

visa, Skrill and more.

Tips for Live football betting

Though live betting has its perks, it offers a competitive challenge to win money consistently. There are some basics associated with every football betting that you can't afford to miss. Check some of the valuable tips you can follow to achieve desired results:

1) Watch games closely

It goes without saying that in most scenarios, you must bet on games that you follow. Watching live sports can give valuable insights and improve decision making. 

2) Predict in advance

Don't just rely on in-game information. It is always wise to study the teams, players and match conditions to achieve an edge over others. 

3) Assess player's performance

It is vital to estimate how much impact each individual can have on the game. Assess each player's past performance, their game against a particular opponent etc. It will give a good idea of what you can expect from the match.

4) Don't jump to conclusions

You might be tempted to judge a player or team's performance too early in the game. There is a possibility that an individual who starts slow may gain momentum at the end, or an individual with a great start may falter the rest of the game.

5) Learn about coaches

Though players are the main focus on a football field, don't neglect the impact coaches have in the game. How they approach the various stages of the match and how they devise tactics can also help make better predictions. 

6) Check for injuries

A player injury might impact the whole course of the game. That's when your pre-match analysis comes into play. You will be better positioned to predict whether he is a vital asset to the team or can be replaced without any significant effect.

Specific strategies to Live football betting

Though the basic tactics while betting are already discussed, you can follow some out of the box strategies under certain circumstances. They don't apply to every game and match situation. These include:

1) Bet against the momentum 

In most cases, you will bet for the team carrying the momentum in-game. But, sometimes, favouring the underdogs who might turn things around for you.

2) Backing home teams

Generally, Good teams tend to win most of their home games. You can use this pattern to your advantage by backing the losing home teams. If a team shows certain confidence to turn around things in their favour, you can take this chance. 

3) Bet against popular contenders

It is more likely that betters will put their money on a team that is leading the game. Sometimes you can go against the convention if you think the favoured team is slowing down, and the other opponent has a fair chance to score some goals.

However, be careful in applying the above strategies. You must assess the situations well and use only where these tactics might come to play. Overall, Live football betting is great fun and gives you a wide range of opportunities of making money. 


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