Bingo rave returns to Exeter this summer

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Posted Monday, July 4, 2022 - 8:43pm

The most supersized, wild and spectacular bingo party in all the land is back with another red hot run of parties for summer. Bingo Loco carries on its exceptional run of form with events planned through until August all over the UK, including Unit 1 in Exeter on Saturday 6 August.

Step into any of the venues Bingo Loco pulls up at and you will be in immediate awe and then lost in a world of high thrills and high jinx. They are brought to life with sensory-stimulating production with confetti explosions, CO2 cannons, speed Macarena, foul-mouthed wind-up merchants and cheeky stage performers. The bingo prizes are second-to-none and in the past have taken in everything from the sublime to the frankly silly with new cars, VIP Coachella experiences and 10-foot teddy bears all up for grabs amongst a range of other things.

Musically Bingo Loco is just as out there with vibrant mixes of dance and party classics, big pop anthems and singalong hits that raise the roof and up the energy levels every time. Each party hosts dance-offs and hilarious lip sync competitions that leave audiences in fits of laughter.

"It's been a blast bringing our bingo rave up and down the length of the UK and we couldn't be more excited to announce our latest summer dates in a host of new locations. It's the perfect excuse to grab some friends together and let your hair down after the madness of the last year" - Craig Reynolds (Co-Founder)

You have never experienced a party atmosphere like Bingo Loco so make sure you book at least one of these upcoming events to see what all the fuss is about. 

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