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Demonstrator Schools and Colleges Network - EdTech Week Summit 2020

Manya McMahon
Authored by Manya McMahon
Posted Monday, November 16, 2020 - 2:57pm

The Minister of State for School Standards, Nick Gibb, gave the closing keynote speech at the EdTech Week hosted by Broadclyst Community Primary School on Friday 13 November, streaming via the TV studio at the school in East Devon. This was in advance of the final event, the EdTech Summit, on Saturday. He spoke about the importance of delivering high-quality curriculum despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, specifically through online learning platforms and digital strategy training and coaching. He extended his gratitude and applauded the work of the 50 EdTech schools and colleges across the nation for their support of schools in their delivery of remote learning. 

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CEO and Executive Headteacher Jonathan Bishop expressed his excitement for the future of students and technology integration: “In this time of uncertainty, I am enthusiastic about the forward-thinking attitude technology brings to our schools; being able to teach and learn virtually demonstrates the optimism and confidence we have in our students to adapt, through technology, to a constantly changing world.” 

Ty Goddard, Co-founder of The Education Foundation (one of the programme’s delivery partners) and Chair of Edtech UK, has been presenting EdTech week.  

"Edtech Week 2020, which is hosted live and on-line in partnership with over fifty schools and colleges will reach hundreds more schools and colleges, with advice and guidance. 

  The Edtech Demonstrator programme helps schools and colleges across England make the best use of digital learning; supporting teachers and pupils benefit from education technology.  Funded by the Department for Education this national programme gives schools and colleges a helping hand to start or develop their on-line teaching and learning methods. 

“This is all about teachers helping teachers at the most difficult of times.” 

  “It's superb to work closely with teachers all over England on this major national initiative."  

The school is one of the peer support Demonstrator schools and colleges, a network selected by the Department for Education (DfE) to offer advice guidance and training in effective use of technology. This includes ways technology can be used to support effective remote education arrangements, such as use of digital platforms and devices, as well as considering a long-term digital strategy.    

 Under the programme, it has provided its expertise to other schools and colleges, training staff and helping them to implement and strengthen online learning.  

The founding school of the Cornerstone Academy Trust (TCAT), BCPS has an international reputation for its use of IT and digital media in both teaching and learning. It has been co-ordinating the entire six-day virtual event by streaming the sessions from the school’s TV studio, featuring panel discussions with keynote speakers, and hosting the EdTech Summit itself. The TV studio is state of the art, using green screen and video mixing technology to stream live broadcasts, underpinning the cutting-edge educational offer that Cornerstone is renowned for.  

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