Broadclyst School children record their own school advert at Heart Radio

Ten children from Year 6 at Broadclyst Community Primary School helped to devise and record their own radio advert for the school’s open days at Global Radio HQ in Exeter on 3 November.

The youngsters are currently taking part in the school’s Global Enterprise Challenge, an annual business enterprise initiative that incorporates a wide range of business skills while encompassing many different elements of the school curriculum. The trip to the Heart Devon radio studios allowed them to learn more about business advertising and marketing as well as to produce the school advert.

They started with a tour of the Global building, meeting staff and viewing the production studios. They were then taken to the Heart Devon studio, where they asked questions of presenters Matt and Victoria.

In the conference room, the children discussed the things they liked about the school and what they thought should be included in the advert. Many spoke about how helpful, supportive and caring the teachers are, as well as highlighting the wide range of clubs they take part in, including climbing, sailing and golf, and the Microsoft Surface devices that they use in the school.

Then they went on to the recording studio, where each of them wore headphones and stood in front of the mic, taking turns to record and produce their clips, before listening back to them over the speakers. They were all excited (and some a bit nervous!) about their roles but performed brilliantly.

On returning to school, all of the children said that they really enjoyed it, and would love to work there!

The advert for open days at Broadclyst and Westclyst Community Primary Schools was aired from Thursday 9th November.

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