Ten proven ways to promote your mid-sized business

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Monday, September 20, 2021 - 3:31pm

Are you looking for ways to take your mid-sized business to the next level? Then some solid marketing strategy is just what you need right now. Marketing is, of course, a very diverse term and can be confusing for a starter. So here are ten tried and tested ways that are actually helpful for mid-sized establishments:

Promotional Products

As a mid-sized business, creating brand recognition should be a top priority for you. Leading names such as Camaloon.co.uk can help you achieve just that. Start by creating some personalised merchandise that you can give out to your loyal customers.

You can also create office supplies and personalised business t-shirts for your employees. Much cheaper than the traditional hoardings, they will help your brand name penetrate the target market.

Clear Articulation

Having your brand name out there is just one part of it. Your audience must also know what you offer precisely and how you differ from your other competitors in the market. From your websites to your offline brochures, communicate who you are, what you offer, and what are the unique benefits you offer.

Testimonials from Clients

When your business is at a growing stage, earning the trust of your potential clients can be a dicey game. Having your existing customers vouch through testimonials can be a simple yet effective step to achieve that goal. You can easily obtain them through questionnaires and feedback forms.

You can also ask your clients for video testimonials on social media platforms.

Amp up Your Visibility online

Are you still stuck at the traditional print ads and trade shows? Sure they were effective at one point in time. But today, they are no longer so. In fact, studies reveal that these forms of visibility only help you to get to some passive buyers. And the cost and the returns hardly match.

Opposed to that, increasing your visibility online is much more budget-friendly and several times more effective than traditional mediums.  SEO, social media, and PPC campaigns are some proven ways you can start with. Additionally, encourage your audience to engage in conversation with your company. This will help you understand their pain points and come up with effective solutions for them.

Continuous Communication

The problem with most mid-sized businesses is that their marketing operations are usually on and off. But if you really want to grow to the next level, continuous communication is the key. For instance, you can issue a monthly e-letter with all your latest product information on it. Or, if you are a service-oriented business, you can provide case studies for your industry that actually add value.

You can use an automation service to handle these tasks for you and browse through the analytics to see how well it is working.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these, you can also use infographics, apply for leading business awards and publish eye-catching content to get to your customers. Getting your marketing strategy to work takes time. Try some of these inexpensive methods right from today and get great results.




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