New digital innovators report explains how global tech leaders have embraced digital transformation

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 3:13pm

Considering the ever-evolving nature of the market, businesses have to update their operations with technological advancements. It's for that reason that Digital Transformation has grown more important to enterprises. 

You can visit to view Contino's list of innovators who have transformed their operations by implementing the benefits of the cloud-native architecture. The process of Digital Transformation is typically catalysed by cloud computing and security, which are policies and controls for protecting virtualised IP.

Cloud Computing Briefly Explained

Cloud computing is essentially the technique of processing, analysing, storing and safeguarding data by utilising a network of internet-based servers. Companies can better manage their administration, save cost and improve overall effectiveness since data is stored in the cloud as opposed to physical devices. 

Besides, corporations can use this capability to enhance their customer's digital experience. Cloud automation is a similar concept that's beneficial for businesses in that it facilitates their effective use of cloud resources and mitigates the risk of security breaches and errors.

This is especially needed in these times where remote-work models are predominant in companies. A new study shows that at least 30% of employees would continue to work remotely after the pandemic.

Cloud Computing Models

The major cloud computing models are;

  1. Platform as a Service(PaaS): With this kind of model implemented, businesses will no longer worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. PaaS permits its operations to improve in productivity since it has handled software maintenance, resource sourcing and capacity planning. 
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS): This cloud computing model gives organisations a finished product that the service provider also manages. Both the operation and maintenance of the underlying structure are taken care of with a SaaS. The only thing to concern yourself with will be the actual use of the software.
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This type of model refers to the essential components of cloud computing, such as data storage space and networking. Companies can implement IaaS and enjoy more control over their IT resources and enhanced versatility.

Digital Transformation Success Stories Among IT Leaders 

Craig Donald

Donald has been a member of the Football Association since 2018, and he joined to pioneer a digital transformation and engagement program. Craig's success began during his effort to reimagine the association's technology to better satisfy their fans, players, and volunteers. 

These developments stretch through people at different levels, between grassroots and elite levels. Donald has experienced impressive results in that area, and he's been in charge of deconstructing monolithic legacy stacks into cloud systems that are highly automated and easy to update. 

Matt Davis

Davis, the Head of Cloud Engineering at Lloyds Banking Group, has catalysed an elaborate and invaluable transformation strategy to digitise the customer experience. It's not his first time as Matt has led numerous technological initiatives for the banking group.

An example would be his strategy to incorporate container technology in the public cloud, which facilitated the argument for cloud's safety while it delivers high value. Thanks to Matt's contribution, the banking group has improved their digital capacity, enabling its engineers to reduce their deployment time for new code from a month to 15 minutes. 

Debra Bailey

Debra Bailey, Chief Information Officer(CIO) at O2, London, UK, noticed that one of the firm's transformation projects relied too heavily on multiple IT units. Besides, she found that too many contractors were involved in this project. 

She adopted a new strategy that required them to introduce a new model for aligning with business outcomes and in-sourcing digital capabilities. Now, O2 has a new operating model that is focused on both people and technology. Aside from that, the new model is meant to eradicate duplication, bridge gaps, and streamline tech delay by realigning IT with business.

Gary Delooze

Gary has been implementing changes since he became the Nationwide Building Society's CIO. One of such impactful changes he brought about was the upgrade to the firm's tradition of relying on system integration and device providers for fulfilling the majority of their IT functions. 

With Delooze's guidance, the company's workforce concentrated on improving their in-house capabilities and managing their core tech without outsourcing for help. They recently incorporated cloud and increased their productivity by simplifying the IT estate. 

Delooze is convinced that their success results from the attention the firm pays to culture and their demonstrating value to motivate the workforce. He encourages tech and IT leaders to trust and inquire from their experts on the best approaches for any project the team works on to improve creativity and their expertise.


In sum, every tech company stands a lot to benefit from undergoing Digital Transformation, which is catalysed by cloud security and computing. Companies can implement three cloud computing models, and they were all discussed in this write-up.

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