Four mistakes every new business owner needs to be aware of

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Monday, January 10, 2022 - 10:34pm

Opening a business is only the beginning. Running it and making sure it succeeds is an entirely different responsibility. New business owners in particular often make a few unwanted mistakes. While not every mistake is fatal, there are a few that can throw a wrench into your entire game plan. Here are four mistakes every new business owner needs to be aware of and how to avoid them.

Being Afraid of Failure

With so much to consider like choosing the right location for your business and the right people to help you succeed, fear of failure can stop you from taking definitive action. Entrepreneurs recognize that setbacks are inevitable. Failure does not have to be the end-all, be-all for your company. Learn to think about micro failures instead, like missing a deadline or failing to meet a customer's expectations. All your failures are chances to grow. Rather than doing everything in your power to avoid them, realize that even big slip-ups do not always mean game over. In fact, an open and accepting attitude toward mistakes can help you and your business grow more resilient.

Not Underestimating Technology

Technology is more than just a good computer, point-of-sales system, and your smartphone. There is so much equipment that's tech-driven in every industry. It's easy to get flustered, but failing to research what's trending in your niche can prove detrimental. Customers expect, more than innovation, high quality. Its why small businesses can manage to outsell their massively funded startup competitors. Although the latter has all the flashy tech, they lack the ability to implement it in a meaningful way.

Focus on the technology that can truly enhance your operations, like AI dash cams. Fleet management is not what it used to be. Today's operators have far more options and visibility when it comes to things like trailer tracking and even in-cab assistance. Finding a company that offers the best dash cams for your fleet can help you bring your business up to current standards while improving overall delivery models.

Not Being Organized

Organization is crucial and there are benefits of keeping organized in every facet of operation. From assigning tasks to tracking progress, you have to make sure everything is on schedule. But organization can also be tricky. Too strict and you wind up becoming inflexible. This is a recipe for stagnation. Too lax and you fail to catch problems and may even wind up needing to backtrack to correct avoidable mistakes. Focus on finding your flow, whether it's choosing a remote business structure or choosing the right platforms for your company. Everyone is different, and that's okay. Rather than trying to stick to the status quo, look to it for inspiration while you figure out your own ideal organization.

Trying to Do Everything Yourself

Entrepreneurs succeed because they recognize the talent in others. Truly successful companies are not made by a single person. Even if you are a business of one, you still likely need suppliers, vendors and other companies. If you try to do everything on your own, you will eventually run out of fuel. You also run the risk of taking on responsibilities you are not qualified to perform. No matter how much you can teach yourself, you need the experience and insight of others to flourish. Embracing the new ideas and input outsiders provide should be one of your core pillars as a new business owner.

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