Defence giant embraces Exeter business’ workplace innovation programme

Authored by Proteus
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 1:25pm

Multinational manufacturer of defence products MBDA has instructed Exeter based  Workplace Innovation Europe Limited (WIE) to deliver its Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme to twelve of its Innovation Champions based across Europe.

Based on learning by doing rather than teaching abstract principles, the ILM-accredited Leadership Development Programmes provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence, together with practical support and mentoring, to deliver real change in their organisations. Each Programme is based around a flexible combination of e-learning and online support, which can also be combined with workshops, in-person coaching, action learning and on-site facilitation. Participants gain an ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management, and are accredited by WIE as Workplace Innovation Practitioners.

Studies show that all organisations, regardless of size, that use participative forms of work organisation were more productive (+20-60%), showed much lower personnel turnover (-21%), and a lower rate of absence due to illness (-24%) compared with traditionally organised enterprises.

Rosemary Exton, Co-Director of WIE, said: “We are providing a learning journey that builds the knowledge, skills and practical support for innovation leadership, with participants studying and learning at their own pace to fit their busy schedules. Fundamental to the outcomes of this programme is the commitment to establishing employee voice, co-created leadership and people-centred change.”

Dr Peter Totterdill, Director of WIE, added: “More and more businesses are recognising the need to make innovation part of everybody’s job, no matter what their position in the workforce.  They also demonstrate a greater capacity for innovation in products, services and processes. The participation of MBDA in our programme reflects the company’s long-standing commitment to creating a culture of innovation throughout the organisation.

Garry Young, MBDA’s Group Head of Creativity and Innovation Facilitation, said: “We already have a number of existing Innovation Champions across the business but wanted to support them with a more focussed approach that involves peer to peer learning, coaching and mentoring, and action learning, culminating in an internationally recognised ILM leadership qualification.

“Our involvement in the Workplace Innovation Programme reflects the company’s recognition of the need to prepare for change, and ensure that the decision-makers and influencers of the future are equipped with the right leadership skills to drive innovation forward.”

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