Why My TikTok Videos are Not Showing to My Followers

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Thursday, January 18, 2024 - 1:10pm

TikTok is a popular social media platform that was built to share short videos. The platform has gained massive popularity among the younger generation. It is largely used for entertainment purposes. People use the TikTok app to express themselves and showcase their creativity through the short videos they share. TikTok facilitates creativity by offering users a wide range of editing features like filters, effects, and soundtracks. Users often use TikTok to create lip-sync videos, challenges, dance routines, and comedy skits among other things. All these are ways people use the platform to connect with a global audience.

On the other hand, TikTok has also grown to become a valuable marketing tool for businesses and popular brands around the globe. Professional services like Influensly have also joined the frenzy and use TikTok to help promote brands and increase their visibility. Businesses can take advantage of the ever-growing TikTok user base to reach out to a wider audience and gain exposure. This can also be achieved by working with influencers with large approved followers.

Influencers are always creating engaging content featuring a brand or product. With credibility and a good online reputation, their followers are likely to trust their recommendations. This often results in potential customers for the business. This is a great way for influencers to earn regular income. Influencers can earn a significant amount of money from brand partnerships, merchandise sales, sponsored posts, and donations from their followers.

However, social media platforms can also present some challenges, including popular ones like TikTok. One of the main questions that users always ask is, why is TikTok not showing my videos to my followers? This can cause much damage to their visibility and engagement, especially when their intended audience cannot see the shared content. It even affects their ability to gain new followers and maintain a consistent income if their content is not being shared effectively. Let's see more.

Understanding TikTok's algorithm

The TikTok algorithm plays an important role in content sharing. It is responsible for what users see on their feeds. TikTok algorithm creates personalized experiences for users based on their preferences and interests. It also analyzes users’ previous interactions on the platform. These include videos that are liked, shared, and commented on. 

The TikTok algorithm also checks the details of the videos themselves. It goes through different components like hashtags, the video’s caption, and audio sounds. These are used to determine the relevance of the video and categorize them into different genres or themes. This is how users get content they like to enjoy on their feeds. 

Followers of a user are also important to the TikTok algorithm. If followers consistently engage with a specific user's content, the algorithm will always prioritize that user's content to them. Without constant interaction with the videos, they might not be shown to users.

It's also important to note that the recency of the videos plays a key role in them showing up on users' feeds. TikTok tends to show fresh content and rewards users who upload videos of high quality. If the content isn't quite recent, there is a good chance it won't be shown to users. As much as the algorithm works to show engaging TikTok videos to users, sometimes it might be a reason for a specific TikTok video not showing to followers.

Possible reasons for your TikTok videos not being shown to followers

As mentioned earlier, TikTok was intended to be used as a platform for sharing short videos and entertaining users. However, a user can complain about his or her TikTok video not showing on their followers' feeds. This happens for various reasons and here are some of them. 

Lack of Engagement

When your followers don't engage with your content as often, the TikTok algorithm may stop showing your videos to them. If the TikTok video uploaded experiences low engagement, it is a clear indication that it doesn't resonate with the target audience. This shows that the content isn't reaching those it was intended to.

To know that your content isn't enjoying much engagement, check if the video views are constantly low. This clearly shows the video is not attracting enough attention from the viewers or it's not engaging enough to retain their interest. If this continues, the platform will gradually reduce your content's visibility to your followers.

TikTok will also look at how many comments and likes the video is having. These are also metrics that the TikTok app uses to check a content's engagement. When a video is not getting many likes or comments, it's another indication that you are not creating engaging content.

This means that users are not finding it interesting to even share it on their feeds. With limited shares, the content will not enjoy much visibility. This also leads to a lack of engagement. If you notice that your TikTok videos are not showing up on your users’ feeds anymore, check on these aspects and address them as soon as possible.

Inactive Followers

Inactive followers are users who do not use their accounts as often or who don't have high engagement with content on their feeds. TikTok users may have inactive followers when these followers abandon their profiles or stop using their accounts completely. Inactive user accounts can no longer interact with shared videos or content. They can't give likes, shares, or even comment on posts.

Another category of inactive followers is those who are always not interested in the shared content. One major factor that can result in this type of inactive followers is the language barrier. A TikTok video uploaded in English might not be appealing to those who don't understand it. This will eventually lead to a lack of engagement, thus affecting the visibility and credibility of a user as a content creator.

Shadowbanning or Content Restrictions

A TikTok video not showing to followers might be a result of shadowbanning or content restrictions. The TikTok app will often issue users with a shadowban when they violate the platform's community guidelines. This often results in their content being hidden or restricted by the platform.

When you are experiencing a shadowban, there is a high chance that your content won't be able to appear on your followers' feeds. TikTok algorithm can also detect inappropriate content that goes against their rules, thus causing disruptions and affecting the content's visibility. 

Technical issues can also be a major problem causing your TikTok videos not to appear on your users' feeds. These may include a slow internet connection, which can cause your videos to buffer or not get uploaded successfully. 

App glitches and bugs can also contribute to user problems with TikTok. Users sometimes complain about the app crashing or freezing. This prevents TikTok users from enjoying the platform. It is also important for users to check if their version of TikTok is outdated. This can result in compatibility issues, thereby affecting the app's functionality. Always make sure to use the latest version to avoid running into any problems.

Strategies to Improve Visibility to Your Followers

To improve the visibility of your content to your followers, there are a few strategies users can implement. Here are some tips to help you push your TikTok videos to appear on your followers' feeds. 

Increase Engagement

Increasing engagement with your content is one of the best ways to improve your visibility.

  • For influencers trying to build some online credibility, it's important to encourage likes and comments on your video. You should aim to create entertaining videos that not only your approved followers can engage with but everyone else. This will make it easy for you to entice them to engage and interact with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing for a wider reach. Also, make sure you are not using a private account. Set your account to public mode for your content will be seen by everyone.


  • Another effective method is to work with other TikTok users. By collaborating with other influencers or popular content creators in your niche, you can use their large base of followers and gain exposure to a wider audience. They will also gain by engaging with your followers. Collaboration between TikTok content creators is a great way to cross-promote each other's content and attract new followers.
  • Engaging with your followers by responding to their comments is also a great strategy. By doing so, your followers will feel that you value their support and feedback. By responding to their comments, you will be creating a sense of community, thus giving your followers a reason to continue interacting with your content. This will help you increase your reach as people continue to engage more with your content. Employing these strategies will not only improve your visibility but also increase your followers. With a large follower base, you will easily do well whenever you share content on TikTok. Also, remember to always use relevant and appropriate hashtags to push your content further.

Build an Active Follower Base

To increase your content visibility, it is important to keep an active follower base. There are a few key resources that can help users achieve it.

  • For aspiring influencers, sharing content on TikTok alone might not be enough. Sharing your account on other social media platforms could be helpful. You can always share links to your TikTok account whenever you post content on your other social media accounts. By reaching out to your existing followers on these accounts, there is a potential to gain new followers who may be interested in your content.
  • It is also important to participate in TikTok trends and challenges. This can greatly enhance your visibility and engagement. TikTok is always known for viral trends and challenges. By actively participating in them, you will increase your chances of being discovered by other users. This will help you take advantage of the existing hype and get noticed. It will also establish your presence within the TikTok community. Joining these trends and challenges will help you engage with other creators, thus getting you more exposure for your content. 

Complying with TikTok's Guidelines and Restrictions

When signing up on TikTok app, users are always asked to comply with the platform's guidelines and restrictions for a better experience.

  • It is important to familiarize yourself with TikTok's community guidelines. These are instructions that you should read to know what's allowed on the platform and what's not. Inappropriate content not allowed includes hate speech, violence, bullying, and nudity. By reading and understanding these guidelines, you can avoid sharing any controversial material that may go against TikTok's policies.
  • Always aim to share positive content. It is important to be mindful and respectful of the diverse audience that TikTok attracts. By not sharing controversial or inappropriate content, you will be helping in the creation of a positive and inclusive community on TikTok. 

Troubleshooting Technical Issues

There are a few things you can check when troubleshooting technical issues with TikTok.

  • First, check your network connection. Poor or unstable internet connection can lead to videos not being uploaded successfully or frequent buffering. By making sure you have a stable internet connection, you can fix all your network-related issues.
  • Also, make sure your TikTok app is always updated. Developers always release updates to improve performance and fix bugs. By ensuring you have the latest version of the app installed, all the bug issues will be resolved and you will continue using the app smoothly without any issues. If the problem persists, contact TikTok support for assistance. They have a dedicated support team that can provide guidance and troubleshoot specific issues. 


Different people use TikTok for different reasons. Regardless of what your reason is, it will always come down to the content you share on the platform. However, sometimes you might experience problems with your content not sharing on your users' feeds. First, check if you are using a private account and make the account public. Also, the strategies mentioned above can be able to help. Just to be on the safe side, ensure you have a stable internet connection and you adhere to TikTok's rules and regulations. Do not post violent and aggressive content or anything that is against the community's guidelines. You can also reach out to the TikTok support team for further assistance if your problems persist.

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