The Perfect Dress for a Perfect Wedding

Purity Boutique Spa just recently had the honour of pairing up with Reiss for their spectacular summer event! We amplified the beauty of some lovely ladies with makeovers and sleek manicures as tribute to the newest summer styles.

I realise that sanity is not an option when you are choosing dresses - or ANYTHING for your bridal party, but let's think logically about this, now.

You could either go for 'safe' (and possibly boring) or you could go out on a limb and go for the dress theme of your dreams. From chic elegant 'occasion' dresses to flattering 'fit and flare' styles and prints, the options at Reiss ( rivalled some of the pins I've seen on Pinterest. Whether you are opting for an outdoor garden wedding with feminine details and soft palettes or an indoor gala extravaganza, there is a dress to suit every taste and whim.

Accessories take the look from 'beautiful' to 'stunning,' with one or two simple pieces. For the most part, the rule is to go with opposites. If you have an updo, go for dangling earrings. If you have a v-neck, go for a 'round' necklace. The necklace could also run parallel in shape to the neckline of the dress.

Also remember, contrasting colours psychologically make people think you look younger. When choosing for your bridal party, the higher the contrast of the dress with her skintone, the more youthful she will appear to others without them even noticing.

Of course, the groom needs to look divine too, so who more qualified to help pick out his suit than the soon-to-be bride? With a little coaxing toward Reiss, he'll look exactly the way you've dreamed your knight in shining armour should look! Whether he's looking to exude sophistication or the look of a modern-day prince, he will find his own unique trail to blaze down the aisle!

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